# 026 First challenge in mountain stream fishing! video

#026 渓流釣りに初挑戦!
Not tenkara fishing, rather bait fishing (エサ釣り). with a Shimano 6.1m 天平 (tenpyō) ZZ 硬中硬61 rod. A 3-way rod I think.

Why post this video? First, why only watch old men fish when you can watch an attractive wahine fish? :joy: Secondly, who but the Japanese would make pliers to hold earth worms? (well, it could have been small fuse pliers used for the task. Thirdly, it’s the first time I ever saw an instructor Inōe Satoshi ( 井上總 , いのうえ さとし) teach where the fish lay using a rubber fish on the end of a stick. :grin:

Video was found on the Mountain-Creek (aka Tenkara Life) website,
Under the post - Four types of mountain stream fishing, the advantage of each genre.
Bait, Lure, Fly Fishing and Tenkara. See the rest of the blog post here:


As might be expected, the video linked under the Tenkara section is the video with Dr. Ishigki
#092 伝統の釣りテンカラ シンプルに渓魚と遊ぶ

Thank you for posting.

As I have taught myself Japanese style baitfishing with this very rod, the video was interesting for me to watch on a couple of levels. The equipment set up and casting techniques. Keiichi pointed me in the right direction. Together, we came up with a good plan for me to teach myself and I did well.

My teachers are few but always with me. The first one is the fish, the second is the rod. The way I feel after the lesson is my report card.

I’m happy to report that I passed the bait fishing class with flying colors however, I am NOT a supporter of this school as the feeling I get when bait fishing is embarrassing to me.

Baitfishing is absolutely horrible to fish, you catch them every time, immediately.

For me, bait fishing is akin to a harvest, it’s a killing.

I see no sport in it unless I want a meal.

I’ll keep my bait fishing equipment as it is part of my education but in the future, I am more apt to make it a kebari than a grub, egg or earthworm. I’ll make it sport rather than a blood sport.

It is not fun to me, it’s like master baiting and getting caught, terribly embarrassing. Feels good but as an adult, I prefer doing it the right way with my love of kebari.

But I do appreciate the video, I did get through that class on my own with good style.

…and I didn’t get caught.