Art Flick's Flies

In January Todoroki-san made a few references to Art Flick flies in his post about the Catskill Kebari.

kebariandfly.wordpress Catskill Kebari I

I found a couple of links to Mr. Flick’s flies on the AMFF website.
I’d guess most of them would be in the class of Futsū kebari [ 普通毛鉤 ] in Japan.

Pictures of a few more, that were sold on Vintage Tackle website. Art Flick Dry Flies and Ephemera - sold out

A bit more about him from the Catskill Visitor’s Center from a few years back.

catskillinterpretivecenter - Art Flick discussion, April, 16, 2016


There are two fun articles about Art Flick and his flies in this AMFF file from 2018. Starting on pdf page 5:
Five Flick Flies, by G. William Fowler
A Streamside Memory of Art Flick by Richard G Bell

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