Badger Tenkara Report from the National Boy Scout Jamboree

My son attended the last National Jamboree, or Jambo for short, held at Fort A.P. Hill, Va. in 2010 before it moved to the Bechtel Summit in W.V. In years past Stan Wright, from Hawaii, who frequently posted to the TUSA forum, would post about attending different National Jamborees that are held every 4 years. His last report was in 2013 from the Bechtel Summit, and as I recall he didn’t staff the fishing area, but had the opportunity to visit a few minutes and basically say, “try this”. A brief introduction to Tenkara. Not the large Tenkara presence at this year’s Jamboree.

This year it’s Matt Smett & Badger Tenkara’s opportunity to turn it up to a new level. The exposure will hook a lot of the next generation on Tenkara. Though it is billed as a National Jamboree, Scouts from other countries also attend. If I recall correctly the Bechtell Summit will host the International Jamboree in 2021, which will bring in many more foreign Scouters.

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