Dr Ishigaki's 2017 Tenkara Meeting Questionare

Just posted today. The digital translation is not very good. You can figure out a better translation by copying & pasting individual paragraphs. Which I must admit I haven’t done very much of it yet. But maybe it’s good enough to give a hint of the flavor of the survey. 85 participants, 69 respondents.


Direct untranslated link:


With only a quick look the graph that stands out is the one about make of rods.
竿メーカー, Pole Manufacturer.
Very heavy weighted toward Shimano. But maybe that was due to Dr. Ishigaki’s association with Shimano. And the majority of the attendees are from his closer associates.
Anyway, Left to Right; Daiwa, Shimano, Gamakatsu, Tenryuu, Nissin, Other (その他)

The largest group had 2 - 5 years involvement with Tenkara. Maybe about the same here. But I guess I would fit the 5 - 10 year group.

Tenkara for me this year is off to a slow start. Other activities pulling me elsewhere, and when I had the time and the place for it, the weather didn’t assist me very much.


Thank you @dwalker
I reading the original

I feel the intentional ones of commercial

A questionnaire survey for people who do not know tenkara


There is only a wry smile :rage:

Induction phase of fly fishing to Japan

The same sentence as the introduction article of fly fishing

Just because the word has changed to tenkara

This is the word of the Japanese tenkara industry :zipper_mouth_face:

You are probably correct in that observation.
I would assume that at any tenkara gathering, in Japan or outside Japan, probably a high percentage of people attending are people fairly new to tenkara. With only a small percentage of participants who have more than 5 years experience fishing tenkara.

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