February fishing!

Hard to imagine we’d have temps in the high 50s in mid-February in Northern Virginia, but who was I to complain. Met up with some family and hit several streams in Shenandoah Nat’l Park. The day started cold (28*), but warmed up to the high 50s by lunchtime. Some stone flies coming off the water, but all fish were caught on nymphs or kebari below the surface. This beauty hit my kebari so hard he came up through the surface for the take. Fun times!


SO Jealous

Nice, I am going to hit Shenandoah this summer for sure. Gorgeous brookie!!

The weather has been so erratic here in AL the past two or three weeks. It’ll be 34 in the morning, 75 in the afternoon, then warm for a few days and freeze again. All my local small streams are super messed up lol. Fishing has been awful.
I would have taken my son somewhere this weekend but i’m feeling awful myself, came down with something.

I went to a stream, there was first time for me to visit, and did tenkara yesterday, there’s no fishes though.