Firehole Outdoors Pre-sale event

Please note: I have no relationship with Firehole Outdoors and receive nothing for posting this information. I participated in the original pre-sale event and have been very happy with the hooks and wanted to share it with others.

As many of you have likely seen from the fly tying photos, for the past few months I’ve been using hooks by Firehole Outdoors based in Bozeman, MT and a new producer of premium fly tying hooks. I like to support small businesses and took a gamble and support their kickstarter campaign. They are producing “competition” style barbless hooks and they come in 50 pack boxes. Both of which are things that I really appreciate.

I originally purchased 20 boxes and while I am far from having tied them all, I have looked through most of them. I have only found two off-types thus far. One looked identical to a keiryu hook, very different from all other hooks in the box. It appeared to be from a different production run by the manufacturer, not an error. The second one only had a partially formed eye and the hook shank was a different wire gauge than the bend/point.

So far, they are the only hooks I’ve fished this year. They are wicked sharp and I have had no failures to date. Overall, I’m very happy. To the point where I have also participated in their next pre-sale, which is offering different hooks this time (you can still buy the originals but at full price now).

If you wish to check it out, here’s the link.

Has anyone else used their hooks? Supposedly fly shops/dealers can get in on the pre-sale too.