From Villan to Citizen again

It appears that I may have been a villan for the last few years, but now I am now vindicated but also educated of my villainous activities.

The 2018 New Inland Regulations in CT state among other things:

Tenkara fishing (a traditional Japanese methodof fly-fishing without a reel) is now allowed in fly fishing areas.

hahahhahaha…I thought all of you would get a kick out of that.
Now you can tell everyone I used to be tenkara gangstah…doing what I want where I want.

funny stuff.
I feel a new sense of freedom in the world.


While I do not live there, I do occasionally fish in NH. They also still have fly fishing only waters and their Fish and Game Department refuses to acknowledge anything without an attached reel as fly fishing. I guess you’re no longer a poacher, haha!

That is pretty funny. I guess to fish those waters we would have to attach a prosthetic reel to be in compliance.

I guess it could be a cardboard one or have a little hook to hang our line spool when we see the ranger sneaking up…hahahaaha.

I am willing to bet someone in Connecticut had to fight to get that change…drawing up diagrams and petitions.

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Would it count if you just tie a tenkara line to the tip of a full flex 1 or 2 weight fly rod? I don’t feel like duct taping my fly reel to my tenkara rod; I think it would ruin the handle. :joy:

I’ve heard a few people have been trying in NH, but I guess there are enough individuals on the board of the Fish and Game Department that are opposed to tenkara that there aren’t enough votes to change the law - yet. Any law can change (unfortunately, that means for the better or worse).

If you know any of those people, forward me their address.
I can send them my bandit mask…seeing I dont need it anymore.

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I wonder what fishing practice in the past motivated some states to specify a reel must be on a rod to qualify as being fly fishing. Or if it was as simple as reel manufacturers getting that specification added to the rules.

I think the original intent of the fly fishing laws were to weed out spinning or other, hand lining or bait fishing. They probably never foresaw the Japanese method sans reel.

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Since spinning or bait casters both also have reels maybe the rule was a bit of snobbery, to keep the kid with a willow or bamboo pole with bobber and baited hook off their stream. Or pole fishing in general. Who knew the Brits have a Pole Fishing magazine? Their pole prices are above my budget.

Found this wiki page about rods, that turned out being an interesting read.

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“Fly rods are used to cast artificial flies” - Wkipedia

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