Just one thing

Very good article
And a member here too! Wonderful information that I read and reread. So few words but each and every one wise.

Thank you Adam!


Adam is an awesome person. He has been a big help in getting me started on the path to tenkara. He desires a lot of credit. Thank you Adam.


This weekend, I’m heading up into Glen Canyon with a fly fishing friend I meet on the Internet 23 years ago. I’m introducing him to packrafting and he will fly fish and Ill do Honryu tenkara.

I’m grateful for the people I meet online, my wife I meet on eHarmony 14 years ago.

10 years ago I started a forum on tenkara so that I could learn more about tenkara by interacting with people that knew more about it than I did. That forum became this forum a couple of years ago.

I’m grateful of you two. I appreciate you guys, I enjoy reading your responses, questions and answers. I find respect in your knowledge.

That’s what I value.

Todoroki Toshiro-san is someone I urge you to listen to and interact with. He is the person, besides yourself that is the greatest tenkara teacher here. There are others, they know who they are.

But I do appreciate your recognition. This is how I understand that my work is resonating what I learn.

You don’t need a lot of stuff to be successful at tenkara, you don’t even need a lot of skill to have fun yet the growth is when you recognize just how little you need.

I’ve tried to put into words, a method to show you how to get better very quickly, how to teach yourself.

Focus on skill, use what you have, you don’t need anything more.