Korkers Wading Boots size 12 - 12.5

Free to anyone but you’ll have to pick up the shipping charges. There’s still plenty of life left in these boots and soles. They were brand new when I used them in Montana in September. There’s scuffs but no holes or tears. I have a plain felt Klingon sole on the boots now. I’ll throw in the other soles as well: rubber, rubber w/studs and felt w/studs. The Korkers sizing for this boot is equivalent to an 11 - 11.5 street shoe. The Korkers website explains their sizing also: http://www.korkers.com/footwear/fishing/redside.html

I calculated the cost of shipping using the postal service website and 2 day shipping is $23 and regular ground shipping is $19.

Are those the Greenback boots Rob?

The boots have been taken. Thanks

I wished they could fit me but I have a 8.5 3E foot. !2 to 12.5 boots I could use as skies going down the slopes on Wintergreen. I have tiny feet. I’m really happy someone got them. I have been thinking about buying Korkers with several of the interchangeable soles. Does anyone have any pros or cons about these boots? I would greatly appreciate any input positive or negative to help me make a correct decision. Thanks ahead of time for your help.

I’ve got a pair of Darkhorse and love them. They were definitely worth the money. They were my one fishing splurge this year and I’m glad I got them. I got a coupon and bought them from AvidMax.com; also left a review there.

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Thank you for the help. I’m going to GreenTop Sports Store this Saturday and try some of
the Korker models to see what fits my feet the best. Thanks again.

Thanks for the tip. In March I purchased a pair of waders for my son for his birthday, and looked at some Korkers at Cabelas for him. But wasn’t sure of his size, and haven’t yet gotten him to look, and he has been to busy with school, work, and gf to look himself. Maybe he will come home during school break next week.

And I could use a new pair myself. My boots are still in good shape, but they are just a little bit too small. I purchased waders and boots at a fishing show, got the size boots they recommended, and they felt ok when I tried them at the show. But in use they have been found to be just a little small, a bit uncomfortable. Since I didn’t do a good job picking the right size in person I guess it’s not that much of a risk ordering them online and hoping I get a good fit. The quick on/off soles seem handy too.

Korkers are one size up from your street shoe. So 11 street is 12 korkers etc

Thanks Rob. I will start there. Most shoes I have are size 9.5 or 10. But for some reason when I buy MerrelIs I have to buy two sizes larger. Good to know that the Korkers are in line with other sizes. I will have to check my current shoes, but I seem to recall they are one size up from my street shoe size. What ever the case I will go a size larger than what ever they are.

Thanks Rob. At least when I trying them on I won’t think I need another pair of glasses.

Yes and if you’re in the middle, and like 11 1/2 then go with the 13 korkers. I that’s what I did with mine.

@R_Ruff Huh, that’s interesting Rob. I wear a size 14 shoe and the Korkers 15 (which is what they recommend) is way too large. The 14 was perfect for me.

I’m not being rude or judgmental but how in the heavens do you guys get such large feet!!! You must
be really tall. I’m 5’6" and weigh 157 pounds and I wear 8.5 / 3E. Yes, I need to shed 7 to 10 pounds of weight off my fat butt but you guys must be basketball players. WOW!!! I must be a midget and no one wanted to tell me and hurt my fellings. I’m in the land of Giants!!! :smiley_cat: No wonder I can always find my size. Is anyone somehow related to Goliath in their family tree? By the way, my wife, Susie, is 4’9" and weighs 85 pounds. She wears a 4B shoe. This is amazing.

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Haha. Well, if you must know. I’m 6’5" (195cm) and 235lb (106kg).

I’m 6 ft 190lbs. half Hungarian half Italian. that might explain it LOL