Kura san's kebari fly boxes are available to purchase

I recently was looking at Discover Tenkara S3 / # 3 and they were showing Kura san’s kebari boxes and tying chest he had made by hand. Then I was looking at Tenkara-ya’s web site and noticed they were selling some of the kebari fly boxes hand made by Kura san. The boxes look beautiful on the web site and if you are interested please take a look. The box is divided into 8 sections and is made of wood. This would be a very special addition to your tenkara collection.


At present I have plenty of kebari, and I’m trying to discipline myself from buying things that are only on the “want list” in favor of things on the “need list”. But I thought, it’s only a small risk to take a look at the Kura-san kebari at Tenkaraya. They are interesting kebari patterns in the DT blog post.

However. I can not find them on Tenkaraya. Only the Fujioka kebari sets in wood boxes, and Sebara sets. Do you have a link for the Kura-san kebari sets on the Tenkaraya website? Thanks

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Kura san kebari box

Ah, found it using the “search products box”. Thanks Adam, I think. May I send you the visa bill? :open_mouth:
For a correct reason it isn’t listed under the 'flies category. Because it’s an accessory. Not a box of kebari. Guess I need to do a reading comprehension course.

Kura-san’s Wooden Kebari Case (8 Compartments) Magnet type [AC041]

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