Mr. Chōji Hosoyama

If you’ve been involved with tenkara more than 7 years you may recall seeing an hour long Shimano video of Chōji Hosoyama-san fishing in British Columbia that was posted a couple of times on TUSA forum. At that time several people confused his style of main stream bait fishing with being tenkara fishing. Even though he was fishing with an extremely long rod catching very big fish.

A few months ago I happened to find an interview of Chōji Hosoyama-san on the nepenthes website. Where I learned he also loved tenkara fishing.

Actually I am doing “Tenkara” for about the same length as bait fishing. . .
Although formerly known for mainstream fishing, I also love “Tenkara” myself, I am looking forward to the coming season.

His choice of tenkara gear was a self made tenkara rod, a modified haya bait rod (ハヤ竿) , with 8m line + 1 hiro (double arm span, about 2m) tippet. Using brown sakasa kebari and white catepillar kebari. (茶系の逆さ毛バリと白系の毛虫を)

His method of tenkara fishing:
Pulling with action the kebari submerged about 5cm. Move the slackened line from the pole to the water surface with a pon, pon, pon, and pull the kebari underwater

Sadly, while doing internet searches after discovering the nepenthes interview I also discovered Chōji Hosoyama-san passed away last July, (1949年4月24日 - 2017年7月5日).

Anyway, I happened to find the interview again this evening, if you can overlook (figure out what was really meant ) some of the odd digital translations you might enjoy the interview.

Nepenthes One Rod One Line One Hook Interview Hosoyama Chōji(細山長司 ・ ほそやまちょうじ )

Nepenthes Life Style Interview Hosoyama Chōji


Sorry, I’m so slow to reply but thank you for this information. I truly enjoy all the info and facts you know.
Thank you for sharing your vast wealth of Tenkara knowledge. It is a great help to me to continue to learn and grow in this sport and art.


Cool. I’m pleased to read you enjoyed it. Isaac Tait (fallfishtenkara) had a picture of meeting Mr. Hosoyama Chōji at one of the fishing shows. I asked Isaac about it, but he said it was regrettably only a very brief chat as Hosoyama-san was in a rush to attend another event at the show.

I met with him at the fishing spot
He was a very calm and kind person

Even if it is a celebrity, it is a very quiet person