New Honda Skillup Introduction to Tenkara webpage

Saw this listed a couple of days ago on troutinfo website.

HONDA:HONDA釣り倶楽部サイトにて『レクチャー動画 テンカラ入門』が公開されました
[HONDA: "lecture videos Tenkara Getting Started (introduction) " was published by HONDA Fishing Club site

It appears to have replaced the Hisao Ishigaki Introduction to Tenkara [テンカラ入門] webpage that was on the Honda website for several years.

This time the featured angler is Osawa Kenji [大沢 健治(おおさわ けんじ)].

Who is also one of the four anglers who contributed to the book, テンカラ釣り超思考法 [ Tenkara fishing super thinking method], along with - Hisao Ishigaki, Kazunori Kobayashi, Takashi Yoshida [石垣 尚男,小林 和則,吉田 孝]

There are six topics or chapters. Sure the language is Japanese (so as is common it is observe & imitate ), and it’s basic stuff. But I always find something new in how different people rig their tenkara tackle and their approach to tenkara fishing. And just wanted make aware the old webpage appears to be gone, or at least no longer listed.

Honda fishing skillup tenkara テンカラ入門 Chap. 1

When looking around on the Honda website I couldn’t find the link to the older Dr. Ishigaki tenkara post. Maybe it is still there and I am just rusty finding it. But I found a link to it in an old forum post. It still exist:

釣り方・Step 1 [ How to fish ・Step 1]

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