New old #tenkara #flyfishing video posted (ACCOUNT NOW DELETED)

I just found a video that was newly posted to YouTube. It is quite old, as is evidenced by how young Sebata-san and Katayama-san both are in the video. It says they are fishing the Aominaga River on Hokkaido (北海道 相沼内川). You can see in the beginning of the video that Katayama-san has been using the same kebari for quite a few years because you can see the exact same one in his newer Daiwa videos and occasionally on his website.

From what I understand, Katayama-san is using a fluorocarbon level line and Sebata-san is using a tapered nylon line.

Unfortunately the video link is not working on my iPad.


I see. It now appears that YouTube account has been removed. There were 38 videos on that account, many of them relating to tenkara and the remaining were keiryu. Apologies folks, it seems they’re gone now.