New Shirts at Tenkara -Ya. Do you have a favorite Tenkara Shirt?

This is one of my favorite tenkara shirts. Do you have a special shirt for good luck when fishing?


That is a pretty awesome shirt, but I don’t know if i’m enough of a Sebata-san fan to rock it :smile:

I have an olive Tenkarabum shirt that has brought me luck on more than one occaision.

I saw this shirt yesterday and I had to buy it. Yes, it was way too expensive and if I told my wife the cost,
she would smother me with a pillow during the night. I think it used to be available at TUSA. However,
by the time I became interested in Tenkara the shirt was no longer available. The Tenkara Bum
shirt is really cool as well.

I have a couple of the Sebatake-kun tee shirts, 「せば茸くんTシャツ」in blue.
It would be fun to get them in gray.

And I have the Oni shirts in three different colors.
It is fun to wear either one. And they occassionally lead to discussions about tenkara.

However, I think good luck when fishing comes not from the shirt, but from, well, just luck of the day, and the skill of the person inside the shirt.

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Your words are very true. You cannot buy luck or skill. You can only work hard to develop skill.
However, I am still at the dumb luck level. :smile_cat:

I got an Oni shirt from him this summer in Japan. I had at least a half dozen conversations with random Japanese about Tenkara and fishing the one day I wore it wandering around Kyoto. My favourite fishing t-shirts are the Patagonia World Trout series which has artwork of native trout by various artists printed on them, with money from the sale going to conservation. Always beautiful.