Poul Jorgensen's Insult Fly

Currently in the Tenkarabum blog, there is a topic - Favorite Four (flies)


The first replier [ Hoppy D] listed his four flies;
Two I have heard of : Killer Bug, & Crackleback
Two I have not heard of : The Mop, & the Insult.
Even Chris ventured to reluctantly ask for an Insult.

Here’s a video showing how to tie it posted early this year.

Impressions ?

Now, What’s a Mop?

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I’ve seen this as being the Mop fly. Never tried it https://youtu.be/A3NhT6hSMOg

Cool fly and easy to tie too!

I tied a couple mop flies at the beginning of the year. Drifted a couple…no takers. Its basically a supersized san juan worm. The costello to the abbott.

Once wet…its a heavy fly. I suspect that is why I may tend to not fish it.

I think there was some buzz a year or so ago about competition anglers doing really well with that fly.

I have a bunch of the material in hot pink. If anyone wants some, message me and I will send you some to tinker with.