Shimotsuke Ten and Mai ROD SOLD

High Grade and rare Shimotsuke Mai and Ten in Excellent+ condition with spare sections 1&2 in case the unthinkable happens.

I will sell one or the other and both are fabulous Tenkara rods but how much fabulous do I need.
Specifications: 3.8M (12.5’) collapsed length 233/8", 2.5 ounces. The Ten is 99% carbon fiber and the Mai is 92% carbon fiber and 8% glass. Relatively aggressive grip shape (very comfortable) and wabi sabi (cork imperfections show, no filler). Both are soft rods the Mai is softer and more mid flex tips are stiffer than normal and solid built. the Mai is a 17 penny rod and the Ten is a 20 penny rod. They both work well for me with a 3 but 1/2 lighter or heavier works fine too.
Each rod is $250.00 shipped CONUS with spare 1&2 sections with the rod.
I will only sell one. Buyer’s pick on this. These are unique and wonderully built Japanese rods without peer.
If interested leave me a message with your email address. Once one is sold, if sold, the other is off the market too.


man these are supposed to be really really wonderful rods

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Shimotsuke Ten SOLD MAI IS OFF THE MARKET. Thanks and Merry Christmas to all.

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I have bought two rods from Roger and both were in perfect shape. He really takes care of his rods.
Don’t hesitate to purchase a rod from him.