SOLD- Daiwa Seiryu-X 45 and Minomushi 38

As many of you know, I’m in Korea for a year. There are awesome trout streams here, but most are several hours away, by rental car, bus, or bus+train… so i’m mostly going to be fishing local waters which are warmwater full of (invasive) bass, carp, snakehead, and chubs. So I don’t think tenkara is the best way for me to fish my year in Korea.
Plus I want to make room for other stuff… these rods are replaceable.

The Seiryu-X 45 has been a real winner for me. This is a great warmwater rod, can throw big flies for bass, and can handle a decent sized fish. I’ve also caught a grip of trout with it, in AL, GA, NC, TN, and Japan with Go Ishii! Has a sweet TENKARA ANGLER sticker on it, which @troutrageous1 sent me after I contributed to the Summer '18 issue.
I usually use 2.5 or 3.0 level line with it, and either 5 or 6x tippet. This rod can cast literally anything, from a #18 midge to a #6 bass popper.
I don’t think my base post office here has the standard USPS Prior triangular “tubes”, so I am not sure if there is a reasonable “off the shelf” method for me to mail this. I do, however, have a TenBum blue plastic medium tube, which will keep it safe.
Will also come with a tbum rod sock. I don’t have the carton with me in Korea.
I’m thinking $105 shipped for this setup.

The Minomushi 38 is a very interesting rod, designed for headwaters excursions. The slightly shorter collapsed length stores the entire rod within the hard EVA foam grip, protecting it like a cased caddis (bagworm, which is what minomushi translates to). It’s a keiryu rod, so it’s a little stiffer, but still feels great with a medium sized trout or bass on the end of the line. Casts nicely.
Will come with the Daiwa sleeve and T-USA “Keeper” line/fly spool. I love how it fits snugly on the end of the collapsed rod, making for a VERY easy grab and go setup. Can store as-is inside most daypacks, or carry-on bags. This is a convenient travel rod.
I’m thinking $90 shipped for this. This rod is shorter and stouter, so I’m not worried about getting it packed safely.

The Zimmerbuilt Quickdraw is super cool, and can be included (as pictured, with some tippet and hemostat) for an extra $20 with either rod.

Shipping will be USPS Priority, takes about a week to get to the USA. Can ship elsewhere at cost.

Looking to sell these to fund a fly rod, which I think will be more versatile to my uses here in Korea and probably Okinawa as well.

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Chris, do you take PayPal, I am very interested in the 45.

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Seiryu-X 45 sold to Zoan!

Chris, I want to take minomushi and Zimmerbuilt Quickdraw bag

are you in the USA? If not, we can figure out shipping.


haha i was worried as such. I will have to explore shipping options, but if you are willing to pay, I will ship anywhere in the world.

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Chris, let’s find out the cost of delivery, and then we will worry about the work of mail