Southeast Idaho Region

My brother and I were in SE Idaho for about 8 days of fishing. We focused on the tributaries of the Snake River. We also ventured into Wyoming. I did bring along my western rod but never used it.

Great Salt Lake

Fly shop in Walmart! I didn’t need anything.

Right behind the house we rented. Palisades Creek

First fish of the trip


None sighted

Bro fishing the eddy

Rainbow found its way into this cutthroat stream

Pine Creek

Bitch Creek. appropriately named

Smoke haze due to wildfires in Montana

Seems that there was some uplifting

Greys River Wyoming. 62 miles long, all public access


Very envious…I had to cancel my planned Yellowstone trip this summer and I’m really wishing I could get my hands on some cutthroat! Great pics, looks like an amazing trip.

You hit the weather just right when you were here. We are expecting our first snow of the year this weekend!

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There are some superb trout there and such fishy scenery. To say that I am ‘green’ with envy is an understatement.
Thanks for sharing.

Beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

Brilliant Rob, thanks for sharing.

We had though the weather was going to be cooler than it was and we had prepared for it. We had encountered cooler weather in Bozeman last year including a tiny bit of snow. The night before our flights we realized the weather was going to be mild for the entire week and we left behind the cold weather gear. What a difference a week makes in the high country.

The fisheries department in Idaho does a great job managing the waters of the state. I should add Wyoming as well.