Tenkara Acrobats Troupe Revival

テンカラ雑技団復活 [Tenkara zatsugi-dan fukkatsu] Tenkara Acrobats Revival.

Found the link to Tenkara Acrobats (Troupe) Revival in the most recent Dr Ishigaki blog post. It seems to be new. Maybe in the future there will be things of general interest. Only two linked post thus far.

However, google translate doesn’t seem to like translating the webpages.
Maybe some kind of new type of coding used on the webpage. Sometimes after a long delay the translation will appear, other times after a delay it returns an error message, page not found. Or if it works the pictures are stripped out.

They appear to have a worthy goals.
Translation, without attempts at correction for weird translation:

Tenkara Acrobatic Troupe revival! !
We gather here and try to spread the Tenkara

Tenkara Acrobats Revival!
The era of Heisei ends and in the era of “Reiwa”
[平成の時代が終わりを告げ『令和』の時代に – I have no idea what this means??]

A new wind blows in the Tenkara world with the new era

Achieve revival to inherit the Tenkara that our predecessors have built up

The bloodlines that flow to us will work to contribute to the world of Tenkara with the same thoughts and wishes.

Gathered here, “Tenkara accompaniment team”

I will inherit and revive the feelings of my brothers

019.5.18 ~ 19 Itoshiro Tenkara meeting 2019
019.5.3 Negakawa workshop

Several members will be familiar names or faces:

Some names may be incorrectly translated:
Mushū Yoshiyuki-san
Ōki Yasuaki-san
Hakamada Takahisa-san
Shibuya Kōji-san
Yoshimura Jun-san
Ishii Gō-san
“Tenkara zatsugi-dan tsūyaku tantō” [in charge of Tenkara Acrobat interpretation]
Ōtani Naofumi-san

テンカラ雑技団顧問。Tenkara Acrobatic Troupe advisers.
Watanabe Hideo-san
Matsushita Yukio-san
Haneda Katsujirō-san

019.5.3 Negakawa workshop

019.5.18 ~ 19 Itoshiro Tenkara meeting 2019

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平成の時代が [ Heisei era ]
The Heisei era [Japanese]: 平成 [Hepburn]: Heisei refers to the period of [Japanese] history corresponding to the reign of Emperor [Akihito] from 8 January 1989 until his [abdication] on 30 April 2019.

令和の時代が [Reiwa era]

Reiwa ([Japanese]: 令和 is the era that began on 1 May 2019, the day on which Emperor [Akihito]'s elder son, [ascended the throne] as the 126th [Emperor of Japan].

The [Japanese Foreign Ministry] provided an [English-language] interpretation of Reiwa as “beautiful harmony”,

Well, that explains Heisei and Reiwa eras. Why that signals a new wind blowing the the tenkara world, I think, is a Japanese culture thing not easily understood by others.