Tenkara-Fisher 2018

I paid the bills for 2018 so it will live for another year.

I will pay a little more attention to it this year, I’ve been devoting my time to writing and creating content for Tenkara USA and I am really enjoying that.

I have a few projects to do for this year, interviews, pack rafting the Colorado River in Marble Canyon, Tenkara fishing in mountain streams in Kauai.

Looking to go to Europe, not sure where, I will be getting with a couple of friends there to coordinate a trip with my little one with some fishing…

Looking forward to the New Year.


Happy to hear that, it’s a great site for sure!

Should you hit Sweden on that trip let me know, I’ll put you on some good fish in nice streams.

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Joakim, what’s on your mind for the new year?

Main target is to expand and strenghten the swedish tenkara community by forming a nationwide club. First step, of many, is a meeting on this saturday.
I will also try to hike a famous path in its entirety, 190 miles, with tenkara gear and write about it as a way to bring attention to tenkara. Tenkara is in its infancy over here.

Me and my girlfriend has started talking about a trip to Japan as well. We got time for it, and I’m currently looking into the budget. I know how to travel cheap and make funds, I’ve done several trips to the rockies on my own on a very low paycheck.

There’s also numerous creeks “around the house” that I want to hike along from rivermouth to origin.