Tenkara Fun 21 Hits

Peder, thank you for giving it a go, & congrats on getting the new forum started.

Now to see if I can figure out how to post something more than just text.

I find it fun to discover the unexpected when trying out new search phrases.
This time テンカラ釣りの外人教習 (tenkaradzuri no gaijin kyōshū)
Teaching foreigners Tenkara fishing.

Found this fun little video, the extra surprise was finding two known to me names had already posted comments to the video. A friend from TF Forum, Jean Santos, and a name I know from comments left at Teton Tenkara blog, Carlos Blatt.

Tenkara Fun _ 21 successive repeat hits + extra underwater video_TENKARA


Fishing in Hokkaido

  • レベルラインでエルクヘアカディスを飛ばして, skipping an elk hair cadiz with level line.

Looks like embedding a video was easier than I thought it would be, but still the new to me format will take a bit of getting used to.

Oh, wait, where is the submit button?
Ah, you just click the +Create Topic button in lower left corner of this window.
Which has a different function from the + New Topic button at the top right of the web page?



Yes, it will take a little adjusting to for many of used to other forum formats. That being said, there are already things that I like here in this format. One of which is the drag and drop feature for images.

This past fall I noticed that there are many videos on YT related to fishing in Hokkaido. They exist about all kinds of fishing styles, but many about fixed line fishing. An interesting thing I noticed was there aren’t many specifically with tenkara (テンカラ) in the title or description. There are several that I have saved to watch later and will possibly post here when I’m at my computer.