Tips for posting videos - ビデオを投稿するためのヒント - Conseils pour poster des vidéos

One of the great features of this forum software is the ability to natively embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and a few other sources. This enables people reading the forum to view the videos without having to leave the forum and also easily comment after they’re done watching if they want to. Even using the short URL’s for YouTube (such as work as well. All you need to do is put the link to the video on a single line by itself. (I was actually going to post this video anyway and thought this would be a great example to share.)


I wanted to share this video I recently re-watched from a number of years ago. When I first saw it, I didn’t realize who I was watching in the videos. You see Ishigaki-sensei and Masami-sensei fishing very casually (amongst others). You also see them using different rods than we see more often these days.

http:// this is where you put the url and it looks like the following .com

このフォーラムソフトウェアの大きな特長の1つは、YouTube、Vimeo、および他のいくつかのソースからのビデオをネイティブに埋め込む機能です。 これにより、フォーラムを読んでいる人々は、フォーラムを離れることなくビデオを見ることができ、視聴した後で簡単にコメントすることもできます。 YouTubeの短いURL(youtu.beなど)を使用するだけでも機能します。 必要なのは、ビデオへのリンクを1本の行に置くだけです。 (とにかくこのビデオを実際に投稿しようとしていて、これは共有するための素晴らしい例だと思っていました。)

私は最近何年も前から見直したこのビデオを共有したいと思っていました。 私が最初にそれを見たとき、私はビデオで誰が見ているのか分からなかった。 石垣先生とまさみ先生の釣りはとても気軽に(他の人の中でも)見えます。 あなたはまた、最近よく見かけるものとは異なるロッドを使ってそれらを見ることができます。

http://これはURLを置く場所で、次のようになります .com

Une des grandes caractéristiques de ce logiciel de forum est la possibilité d’intégrer nativement des vidéos de YouTube, Vimeo, et quelques autres sources. Cela permet aux personnes lisant le forum de visionner les vidéos sans avoir à quitter le forum et aussi de commenter facilement après avoir regardé si elles le souhaitent. Même en utilisant les URL courtes pour YouTube (comme fonctionnent également. Tout ce que vous devez faire est de mettre le lien vers la vidéo sur une seule ligne par lui-même. (J’allais quand même publier cette vidéo et j’ai pensé que ce serait un bon exemple à partager.)


Je voulais partager cette vidéo que j’ai récemment visionnée il y a plusieurs années. Quand je l’ai vu pour la première fois, je n’ai pas réalisé qui je regardais dans les vidéos. Vous voyez Ishigaki-sensei et Masami-sensei pêchant très désinvolte (parmi d’autres). Vous les voyez aussi en utilisant des tiges différentes que nous voyons plus souvent ces jours-ci.

http: // c’est où vous mettez l’URL et il ressemble à la suite .com

Одной из замечательных особенностей этого программного обеспечения является возможность встроить видео с YouTube, Vimeo и нескольких других источников. Это позволяет людям, читающим форум, просматривать видео без необходимости покидать форум, а также легко комментировать, после того как они сделают просмотр, если захотят. Даже использование коротких URL для YouTube (например, также работает. Все, что вам нужно сделать, это поместить ссылку на видео в одну строку отдельно. (Я вообще собирался опубликовать это видео и подумал, что это отличный пример для обмена.)


Я хотел поделиться этим видео, которое я недавно просмотрел несколько лет назад. Когда я впервые увидел это, я не понял, кто я смотрю в видео. Вы видите, что Ишигаки-сэнсэй и масами-сэнсэй очень небрежно (среди прочих). Вы также видите, что они используют разные стержни, чем мы видим чаще в наши дни.

http: // это место, где вы указываете URL-адрес, и он выглядит следующим образом .com


I think that is what I have been doing for a while already. However, maybe I am not remembering how the forum functions worked when this forum first opened.

It seems that early on to add a link to a video I would click on the hyperlink icon at the top, and the video would be embedded. Then after some months, that stopped working, and if I input the video link using the hyperlink icon, the video was no longer embedded. Only the URL link to the video was displayed. So I stopped using the hyperlink icon, and just started inputting the link to the video that same way I could paste in text from another open tab. And the video would be embedded again.

Was there some change made to the forum configuration several months after this forum opened that caused the change?
[ Or am I just recalling incorrectly how things worked earlier?]

Anyway, two examples below of links to videos recently uploaded to YouTube:

Using the hyperlink icon to input the video URL looks like this:

Just pasting the video URL on it’s own line, without using the hyperlink icon, looks like this:

[ A few comments about the above video: After reading last evening some online bashing of the TUSA rods quality, an assertion that they break a lot. It’s kind of nice to see Utah Tenkara give the Ito a thumbs up in the above video.

I have owned 5 TUSA rods. I gave my original Ayu to a friend. Of the other 4 the only one that has ever broken was the Ito. However, it was a first run rod, that I had pre-ordered before they were available online. And there was a known QC problem with some rods in the first run. Mine broke months after the initial problems, I thought I may have received a rod without the QC problem. However, TUSA replaced the parts, no charge.

I’ve had no breakage of any of the other TUSA rods I own. So it’s a mystery to me why this one guy was bashing them… As an aside note, I had not realized before watching the above video that the newer issued Ito rods, have been updated to store a spare rod tip plug in the butt cap of the rod, as introduced with the Rhodo & Sato rods.]

Or you can also paste in the video title, plus a translation if needed. And other information.

2018年春【テンカラ釣り】の準備 , Preparation of Spring 2018 Spring 【Tenkara Fishing】
From YTC Fisherman’s Spoon, Feb 9, 2018, 10 minutes.
URL entered via clicking on the hyperlink icon:

Video URL entered without using the hyperlink icon, only pasting the URL on a separate line by itself.

A question about embedding videos.
Does embedding a video use a lot of memory resources on the forum server?
The reason I ask is - I read another forum, and they request people not embed videos or links to websites in the comments because doing so causes the linked website page to load into the comment window, Thereby overloading their server.

But it is easy to do there. All you do is after the end of the URL, add a space + a period. Then only the link appears in the comments. Not the whole web page.

If you look closely at the URL below. The same thing works here too. After the URL to the video was pasted onto a separate line by itself - I have entered: a space + a period. The URL shows up the same way as if I had clicked on the hyperlink icon to input the URL So that is a 3d way to add a link to a video. .

Not embedding a video, and only inputting the hyperlink to it, does make it a little easier to open the video in another tab, where you can read the video description, or login and add a comment to the video. Should you want to. However, the video can also be opened in another tab once you start playing the video. So inputting only the hyperlink is only a small advantage.

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Thanks for your in-depth thoughts and observations @dwalker, as usual. Yes, there have been many updates (as often as twice per month for awhile) throughout the past year. It seems like (if you really wanted to know, I could look into it) the updates have come every 5-6 weeks. Overall, I think most of the updates have been positive and made things easier.

Yes, the hyperlink button in the toolbar did change functions slightly. It is now primarily for the purposes of linking to a website versus embedding something. It can be used in one of two ways:

  1. Here the text you see displayed is simply the URL (if you don’t put any text in optional line 2).

  2. Ajari-san’s Blog (in Japanese) Here the text you see is whatever you input in option line 2.

Excellent question. No, the way the forum is coded in the back-end does not overload the server. When opening a thread with an embedded video (or even multiple) all that is loaded is an image of the video. The video is only loaded once someone actually clicks on the video to start playing it. As I understand it, the videos are not loaded on the server, it is only loaded on your computer (or other device). Actually, the whole video web page is not embedded, it is only the video.

I would slightly disagree with you here. I prefer the embedded videos because it helps me see if the video is really one that I want to watch. If I want to comment on it in YouYube (for example), then it is just as easy (after having started the video) you will see a curved arrow in the upper right corner.


Clicking on that brings up a direct link to YT.


Clicking on that link opens a new tab (or window) in YT. You can also right click on it and open in another tab (or control+left click for PC/Linux or command+click on Mac). But, they are just different preferences by different people. Both work equally well and I’m glad we have different options to satisfy different folks.

Excellent observations David; as usual.

Sounds like the changes made in how the function work were mostly, but not entirely, software updates from the supplier of the forum software. Not changes you made to how it is configured to customize how it functions.

Ahhh, yes indeed. They were 100% changes made by the forum programmers. They were not changes I had any part of, nor control over.