Yoshikazu-san's Hook type and size for Traditional Japanese Kebari

Just noticed this 3 page document was added to his website on April 7th.
Interesting information about hook types and sizes, but also a lot of fun to read the explanations for the names of the hooks. :wink:


The document is linked in the text from this web page.


テンカラ伝承毛鉤 (Tenkara denshō kebari) Tenkara Traditional Kebari ( or Lore or Folk Lore Kebari)

Also I just discovered a, new to me, Japanese phrase for Kebari Type. 毛鉤 種類 (Kebari shurui), which I guess could also translate as “kind of kebari”
It turns up a few different websites that I don’t find searching with 毛鉤 タイプ (Kebari taipu) Kebari type.

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Thank you for the great info.Thank you for sharing so much of your knowledge and web sites
that contain a ton of information. I truly appreciate this. ><))))))*>

Mike Kookagee Shelton

Cool, I am pleased to read that you found it interesting or helpful. :joy: