Fixed line striped Bass

Headed up to Cape Cod for memorial day weekend with my wife and daughter.

Conditions were perfect for catching striped bass on the kyogi. Lots of micro striped bass on small bait. I fished a couple hours each day and caught about 30…the biggest around 20". Fun. Small clousers were the ticket. Silly fishing. Six fish in six casts sort of entertainment. Each one was like a jewel.

We headed down to Provincetown to walk the breakwater at the end of the cape. Its about a quarter mile or more long. At low tide you can explore the tide pools below. At high, its like a river running through the breakwater. A very special and whimsical place. I of course had to pack the kyogi…and put it to use on the outer beach.

this photo does not look real, but it is. Some old tall ship sailed into harbor.

the fish out this end were definitely smaller, but still entertaining.


That looks fantastic. It’s amazing just where people are fishing with tenkara and catching. Thanks for sharing.


this was an older post from quite some time ago…thought I would dump it here.

I have been tinkering with my 530 flying dragon carp rod. Trying to
load up some saltwater beasts. Its a 17’ telescoping rod. It nests
down to about 20". A cool little toy.

Long story sort…no beasts. Conditions and tempo are off.
Like when I run into the class of fish in close enough…
I do not have the stick with me…or the forecast says 4mph and its 20mph.

Really its a fools errand, but I have caught fish in the salt, but they
are just too small and overpowered by this rod.

paired the dragon with 26 ’ moonlit Nodachi and a weighed clouser on
as the teaser.

here are some pics…

I tried a bit on block island…landed 3 fluke in the channel.

block was interesting, at night we got into some good fish…they were on sandeels.

I know it may seem stupid to burn the candle at both ends, fishing
both daylight and night tides, but I really like the variety and
sometimes what you see in the daylight is worth the price.

I had a shot of landing a nice striped bass in the channel. I was
targeting a bait ball of sand eels when all of a sudden a 30" striped
bass was stalking my clouser. Rookie move…instead of
continuing my rhythm …I froze and thought “I am not sure if the
rod can handle that fish”. Well, that fish just came up to that sinking
fly eyeballed it…and determined my prank. I will never pause like that again.

To make up for it we used some spinning gear on them when the l
ights went out.

I had a good shot on the cape.
The night before had a lot of 5-10# class fish in tight…but the
next day the wind kicked up to 20mph even though the forecast said 4mph.

I did land this micro striper. Poor guy just wanted a snack.

Last week I ran into some 4-12# bluefish at night in CT.
So a couple days later I decided to bring out the stick and see if any
wanted to play.

I tied up some bucktails and wired them up for the bluefish.

I haven’t fished the reef much over the last couple of years.
Overrun with sea robins and the bass just have not been consistent.

I really like the spot though…you can always find elbow room.

hahahaha…yeah…yeah…spot burn. Feel free to drop in and catch
limits of sea robins and post them on facebook.


incoming water.

no blues. seems like they got a memo not to show up.

I did get a sea robin, a scup and a fluke.

The sea robin lingered so I shot some video.
These critter are so cool, I am always amazed by
their construction and colors.

the scup

the fluke.

You may think…well…that is pretty goofy…and your right, but its
also fun and definitely challenging. It makes me think about spots in
a different way. Like, that reef, is perfect for the technique, as any
significant cast is more of a hail mary…the structure is at your feet.
30’ of reach is all you need for a good drift.


I enjoyed your post. I am interested in fixed line fly fishing for flounder, hopefully I will connect with one in the Summer when I go to Cornwall for a holiday. I tried last year but failed miserably, admittedly I was targeting the mullet, which were surfacing nearby. I failed miserably with them too! :frowning:


I love flatfish. I targeted halibut exclusivley from the surf for about two years in southern california.

Clousers are the ticket…but as in anything you need to identify their haunts.

Ambush points and bait concentrations are key.

Transition zones. Abrupt depth…bottom compostion and current changes.

Small drains or inlets to saltwater ponds are places that may have all of the above.

In my case above its a reef in the middle of a huge flat. The reef extends out a mile and that last pic of the shoreline is taken from the middle of the water. That is a special but dangerous spot

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