How do you chose a rod?

AllFishingBuy rods are counterfeit versions of Nissin and Shimano rods. They are OK, for what they are, but they don’t meet the same standards of performance as Japanese rods. All these years later, I still have the Hirame ML-3909. It’s been my faithful back up rod. It has proven itself to be quite robust and has never broken. It’s tip heavy at full draw but that’s OK, it’s a cheap rod. The Hirame is a counterfeit of Nissin Professional Kawashi 3909 rod.

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We have a seller in Russia where you can buy Japanese rods. The choice is not large, but it’s all in stock.


I will absolutely do that. And I do want to thank Chris Stewart and Tom Davis for their work to create a common way to compare rod actions. I will try to do the same thing with these 2.


Also, one slightly amusing side-note is that I bought these 2 rods after reading about how @tvdavisid had fixed a Nissin Pro-Spec 2 way 7:3 in this post by using replacement rod sections for a Hirame ML-3909 from this vendor.