Need some help minimizing my fly selection

Sounds interesting, is there a particular Bob Wyatt book you’d recommend?

I’ve been reading “What Trout Want” which I think is Bob Wyatts latest one.

It’s an interesting read. Not sure I agree 100% with some of his statements, but all in all he makes some very good points, many of which parallel tenkara thinking and techniques.

All your flies are great. The Griffiths gnat is a do all fly that works in just about any situations and I always carry it in my chest pack. If I need it to sink, I will apply a little Xink, and it will sink underneath the water column like a kebari. I would try all the flies that you feel comfortable with and have caught fish on and apply Tenkara techniques because even Dry flies began to sink without floatant or flase casts which really isn’t necessary in Tenkara anyways. Hope this helps.

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Thanks @farrishorst. Looking forward to using my Griffiths gnats as soon as our weather shapes up. My local river is pretty “midgey” so im hoping that pattern should do well until bigger flies start hatching. Although I’m going to have to be careful with them, I’m nearly out of my small size 20-16 stiff hackle feathers!