TenkaraBum fly rod spoons

No doubt. Just being able to fish this time of year is a gift

IMG_20171223_115557 by Chris Lynch, on Flickr

I have already fished the Radiocraft (in another color), it’s pretty easy to cast with my SeiryuX 45, but not easy with a short (2.4m) rod.

Excited to try this .3g which is allegedly titanium. These were all <Y500 each.

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Good find Chris, :grin:

なぶら家 [ ? Nakura House ]
accuracy REI-KU/
アキュラシー 零操 0.3g

Jackall also makes a few different models of 0.4 g microspoons. [マイクロスプーン] & 0.5g

Jackall Timon Chibi Quatro 0.4g

Jackall Chibi Tearo 0.5g spoons

With a little looking around a convenient place to order them could probably be found. I saw one link to Jackall spoons at Walmart, but I doubt they carry the < 1.0g microspoons.

なぶら = The water surface boild according to the movements of the fish

Everyone seems to have found a good Christmas :smile:

Now I see the water surface expanding circles from the splashdown of the feather weight micro spoons is the image the company uses.:slight_smile:


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David I ordered all these from Amazon.jp. All these spoons are shippable to the US, but require a Y2000+ order (easy to do if you aren’t careful haha). In this case it was a Daiwa rod for a friend that got me over Y2000. Many Nissin, Daiwa, and Shimotsuke rods are shippable to the US, and their global DHL is wonderful.

Headwaters fishing ~Chapter 3 ~Tenkara new fishing method! ?
YTC スターひろじ. Sutā Hiroji, Star Hiroji

Headwaters fishing, alternating between using a spoon lure or a kebari.

Absolutely killer for stillwater too. Used one today on my conventional fly rod.

Well isn’t that interesting! Given the date on the video, he could have gotten the idea from the US.

Well, maybe. Or maybe he thought of the idea himself. He is an unconventional tenkara angler. I think even stretching what many people would call free style tenkara [ フリースタイルテンカラ ]

Here is a video from Aug 2017, where he is testing a kebari with a spinner, there is another video showing him testing in a fish water tank at home, but I couldn’t find it quickly.

Long line tenkara real fishing! New work kebari field test !

I think the rod he is using is the Daiwa Expert L LL45.

He also post videos on a second YT channel, but I don’t recall its name. I just stumbled upon it one day, and it looked like one of his videos, I asked if he was also Star Hiroji, and he confirmed that it was also his YT channel. He also said the rod he was using had been Chōji Hosoyama-san’s rod, but it was not clear if he had gotten it directly from Chōji Hosoyama-san himself or indirectly or whether it was a rod he owned or just fishing with the rod that belonged to someone else.

Ah, found it, uploaded 8 Aug 2017.

斬新な毛鉤を作ってみた。I made a novel / innovative kebari.

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Ha! Crazy… I came across a koi tenkara (not fixed line fishing… :thinking:) article in the Spring 2011 Japanese Headwater magazine… The article also mentioned lake fishing tenkara (in Lake Motosu no less) :exploding_head: :joy:

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There are many misconceptions.

Tenkara is a much more open term in Japan than the purist will have you believe.

But this is not my argument.


I just got a couple and can’t wait to give them a try. I don’t mind if it’s not traditional, as most of my flies are weighted anyway. Most of my fishing takes place in tailwaters sadly, and I think these things will work well there!

Give them a try on the Blue River.

I’ve actually never fished there. Grew up on the LMF, and I’m up by the Lower Illinois now. Occasionally take a trip over to Norfolk or the white in arkansas. I do need to get down there to blue river though for sure!

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Fly rod spoons are like a silver bullet. Definitely going to kill the werewolf but are they going to work everywhere?

I don’t know.

I’m not looking to get good at that.

I have bought about a half dozen now and have caught big fish with them but they don’t work everywhere.

…or maybe they do but I’m not willing to find out.

At about ten years into it, I have some somewhere in a small box of silver bullets. Not my regular tenkara box but in a box that has Utah Killer Buds, Mops, propeller fly, trout chow pellet fly etc. In another box is a “match the hatch” set of flys.

Fly rod spoons work but like any odd fly, it’s the choice of an angler to use or to use and get good at.

Not going to spend a lot of time on them everywhere because I’m not looking to get good at using them.

They are a choice and not for me to use everwhere, no way.

But I’ve tied them on and saved the day for sure. A wooly didn’t do it but a little silver spoon did.

But I have found that a wooly sometimes works where a spoon won’t.

I spend my time with sakasa and jun kebari. That’s where I base my practice. That’s where the light is.

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Regarding spoons. I fished a lot of them in my youth and my pretenkara years.

Spoons are deadly but not my cup of tea as i still have so much to learn about flies and tenkara.

Effective spoons send out a strong vibration signal that fish find haed to pass up. Wounded fish or irritant…it matters little…reaction strikes are usually the result.

Just like fly manipulation…varying presentation can convrt fish. Sometimes you need to tweak things to convert them. Speed and path of spoons …

Just like flies…size and color can come into play.

Just like flies…once the fish refuse that lure it might be impossible to convert them.

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I think the same as you regarding the spoons. I don’t think they will work everywhere and in every situation. I use them in certain places only and I don’t like using them with a tenkara rod. I don’t mind casting them with my western rod and in a tailwater area. But that’s about it.