Wading shoes/sandals

I used to wear sandals until my feet got cut up by broken glass from a beer bottle wedged between rocks
in the stream. 32 stitches later I wasn’t feeling the love. I also had a snake bite me under water in my sandals and that did it for me and sandals. It took 10 stitches to fix that mistake. Since those two accidents, I only wear shoes or mostly boots that protect my feet completely. I prefer felt soles although the popular movement calls for sticky rubber soles. I just did not feel secure enough wearing the rubber soles so I migrated back to the felt soles. I do clean, wash with soap, and soak in the shoes/boots in a chlorine solution, and wash them once more with lysol solution before sun drying the boots. I hope this takes care of the bacteria, water fungi, virus, protists, diatoms, etc. that has been a problem in recent years with transferring organisms from one stream to another. I know this is not the popular movement presently but I feel it is working for me. You might find the scandals or rubber bottom boots work great for you so experiment some to help make up your mind before settling on a decision. I’m sure other experienced members may have other ideas on what works best. I have not tried Korkers yet and that might be the ticket for interchanging the soles from felt, to rubber, and to spikes. The price for the boots is very reasonable compared to Simms and Patagonia boots. I hope this helps you.

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