Wading stick for tenkara

I love SWFF but comparing and or chit chatting about it here?

Here is some information and the best price I have been able to find on the longest lasting (500 miles) Pacemaker Sticks ferrules/feet replacements: Pair of Extended Life Rubber Feet

Before I developed Neuropathy, I was an avid cross-country skier who trained year around, using ski poles on a daily basis, which I still do. These are the longest lasting feet I have used and the rubber is much better on rock than carbide tips are, and quieter also. I cut the poles so the shaft diameter is just snug to the foot mounting hole diameter, and glue the feet on the poles with E6000 adhesive, Super Glue is too brittle.

It is possible to just shove the feet on over the stock pole tips the poles come with. But if you do that and do not glue the feet in place, eventually you will drive the pole tips through the rubber feet. When you wear a set of feet out, you just cut the feet off of the poles and scrape the adhesive away and glue on a new set.

Here is something that might be interesting for those of you who like to make up your own wading poles: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/33013224267.html?spm=2114.12057483.0.0.628c6424eEUwbs

A Hair Blow Dryier is sufficient to shrink the silicone tubing for making up your wading pole grip handles. The anti-slip texture gives just the right amount of purchase and wears well. Please scroll down for the details.

Thanks for all the great examples and ideas, and to Adam for answering my questions. I decided to give it a go. I still need to add a wrist strap at the top where the hole is located. I made the bottom tag long and added a few loops to experiment with attaching the retractor, or I may add a separate lanyard later. I also made the grip extra long to see what works best for me, but I can shorten it in the future if desired. I did the same tung oil on the bottom and spar varnish on the top that others did.


Added the wrist strap.


Looks great - well done.

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