10 Colors Tenkara New Year's Giveaway / 十人十色テンカラ新年のプレゼント / 10 цветов Tenkara Новогодняя раздача / 10 couleurs cadeau du nouvel an Tenkara

Hello everyone. As a way to say thank you to members (and lurkers) of this forum and to wish you a Happy New Year in your tenkara adventures, I am holding a giveaway. I have nine of the 10 Colors Tenkara neck gaitors/sun guard/“Buff’s” still available. I am giving ALL of them away to nine lucky people and will ship them anywhere in the world.

Here’s what you have to do. Comment below about what you enjoyed most about fishing this past year and what you are most looking forward to doing or learning this year. Bonus for including a photo.

I am not deciding who gets these, it is the members of the forum! Make your decision by clicking the heart to show you like the comment and yes, we will let you vote for yourself. The 9 comments with the most votes will receive one. You have until next Saturday, 4th January to submit your comment and vote.

So, get to it. Besides, who doesn’t like free stuff? Are you a lurker and never joined the forum? Here’s your chance and you could get something free from it.

Good luck! 十人十色テンカラ


みなさん、こんにちは。このフォーラムのメンバー(と潜入者)にお礼を言い、あなたのテンカラの冒険で新年を迎えることを祈る方法として、私はプレゼントを持っています。私は9人の十人十色テンカラネックゲイター/サンガード/ "Buff’s"がまだ入手可能です。私は彼ら全員を9人の幸運な人々に配り、世界中のどこにでも出荷するつもりです。





Здравствуйте все. Как способ сказать спасибо участникам (и скрытым) этого форума и пожелать вам счастливого Нового года в ваших приключениях в тенкаре, я провожу раздачу. У меня все еще есть девять из 10 цветов Тэнкара с шейным ходом / солнцезащитный козырек / “Бафф”. Я отдаю ВСЕХ из них девяти счастливчикам и отправлю их в любую точку мира.

Вот что ты должен сделать. Комментарий ниже о том, что вам больше всего понравилось в рыбалке в прошлом году, и что вы больше всего с нетерпением ждете, чтобы заниматься или учиться в этом году. Бонус за включение фотографии.

Я не решаю, кто их получит, это форумчане! Примите решение, щелкнув по сердцу, чтобы показать вам понравившийся комментарий, и да, мы позволим вам проголосовать за себя. 9 комментариев с наибольшим количеством голосов получат один. Вы должны до следующей субботы, 4 января, оставить свой комментарий и проголосовать.

Итак, доберитесь до этого. Кроме того, кому не нравятся бесплатные вещи? Вы скрывались и никогда не заходили на форум? Вот ваш шанс, и вы могли бы получить что-то свободное от этого.


Bonjour à tous. Afin de remercier les membres (et les observateurs) de ce forum et de vous souhaiter une bonne année dans vos aventures du tenkara, je tiens un cadeau. J’ai neuf des 10 couleurs Tresses / protège-soleil / “Buff’s” du Tenkara encore disponibles. Je les donne TOUS à neuf personnes chanceuses et je les expédierai partout dans le monde.

Voici ce que vous devez faire. Indiquez ci-dessous ce que vous avez aimé le plus à la pêche cette année et ce que vous avez le plus envie de faire ou d’apprendre cette année. Bonus pour inclure une photo.

Je ne décide pas qui les reçoit, ce sont les membres du forum! Prenez votre décision en cliquant sur le coeur pour vous montrer que vous aimez le commentaire et oui, nous vous laisserons voter pour vous-même. Les 9 commentaires avec le plus de votes en recevront un. Vous avez jusqu’au samedi 4 janvier prochain pour soumettre vos commentaires et voter.

Alors, allez-y. D’ailleurs, qui n’aime pas les trucs gratuits? Êtes-vous un lurker et jamais rejoint le forum? Voici votre chance et vous pourriez en obtenir quelque chose gratuitement.

Bonne chance!

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Hello everyone from Russia! Happy New Year! For me, this is the second season of TENKARA. I liked to look for trout, to watch our rivers. This season I have made many friends around the world. Tenkara-unites people around the world! We have a short summer, waiting for summer fishing and new meetings on the river! Good luck to all!!!


Uhh, I enjoy the outdoors and tenkara mixed in with other pursuits helps me keep young.

I enjoy turning people on to tenkara.

I help others share there love of tenkara.

My favorite thing is when two people that don’t know each other meet and become friends because of me.

I’ll continue to do this as long as I’m able.

I don’t need the buff, I already have one. If I win one, let me decide who to send it too.



This year was very slow for me tenkara wise. I got out on one trip. I am hoping 2019 will have a little more tenkara action. Here is a video of me fishing in Akiyamago, Nagano, Japan in 2017 (a much better tenkara year for sure).


Strange but 2018 seemed to be an odd fishing year world wide. Where I live it was rainy all summer with high water level. No major flooding as happened in 2017, some of you may recall seeing on national news the picture of the house that was on fire as it floated down river, near White Sulphur Springs, about an hour drive south of where I spend most of the summer. Other places this year it was a dry year with low water. I believe I recall reading in England and Japan they often had low water.

Hot or cold weather I almost always have one of the - 10 Colors Tenkara neck gaitors/sun guard/“Buff’s” - in my pocket. I have two of them. Take Peder up on his offer for one the nine remaining ones he has and will ship to anyone that wants one of them. :smiley:

Happy 10 Colors Tenkara New Year to all.


Very generous Peder!
I wasnt able to do near as much tenkara as I would have liked to this year. I only made it to a wild stream twice this year, once on a trip to the smokies, and I learned that highly pressured wild trout are a different animal. I fished for several hours and only managed a small brown when I was really hoping for a native brookie. The second was on a hunting trip in Nebraska, where there was a wild population of brookies. This is what got me into tenkara to begin with, to have a effective fishing method that I could take in on a backpack hunt, and it worked flawlessly!

It’s good to be put in your place on occasion. I’ve also got to learn to cast in tighter overgrown areas!
I am most looking forward to a trip to the escalante area of utah in 2019, hoping to find a couple native cutthroats, as well as some of the awesome suckers out there. I also hope to focus a little more on catching buffalo on the fly. I’ve managed a couple smaller smallmouth buffalo so far. )


This was a tough year for me…my Father’s health deteriorated mid fishing season and well…I did not get on the water once after that. I am seriously Jonesing right now…I tend to be very “winter” adverse for fishing but given my lack of outings in 2018 I could use one.

I did get to Japan in February and met Go-san in person and got to fish with him. I also made a simple bamboo rod while there and caught a fish on it with a horse hair line and fly I made! I also got out on the water with @Gressak and I also traveled to PA to fish with JP who many of you might know from FB…and thinking back on those trips - one of the great things about fishing and the Tenkara community is the people you meet and the friendships you can create and the things you can learn.

In 2019, I hope to do other trips to connect with the community when possible and not only fish but “break bread” and have a drink in the woods!

CT Native caught with @Gressak

Bamboo rod getting it done.

Happy New Year all!


Peder and this group has been very generous.

I will ship a tackytube to three people of the top 9 posts. The nine will be put into a raffle an picked randomly. For what we do its the perfect fly patch/flybox. Most of the time i never dig into my flybox. I just have one of these on my bag. Its such a great invention.


Thanks @Gressak! That’s very generous of you.

Come on people, this is free stuff. As you can see, all you need to do is write a few sentences and post a photo or two.

Thanks everyone who has shared. It seems like regardless how much we all love this, life happens to us all. Here’s to a happy and peaceful New Year.


I’m a quiet practitioner of tenkara… or was. I decided midyear that I shouldn’t say all that I was doing was tenkara…some of it was fixed-line trout fishing. I amended my activities and descriptions accordingly.
Why the change? The supremely knowledgeableTom Davis of Teton Tenkara recommended in a post here: Teton Tenkara: Czech nymphing, did you say? Here's the rod for you -- Daiwa Keiryu-X 33. to try Czech/Euro/Tactical Nymphing using the Daiwa Keiryu-X 33. I bought one, tried it…and am continuing to expand my skills in all things fixed line trouting with this rod and the Exori 8’/9’/10’ rod too. It has really expanded my horizons.
So many helpful, encouraging people in this little realm. Thank you all for reading, correcting and encouraging.


What does everyone think here? I was going to tally the votes tomorrow, but at the moment it’s irrelevant as everyone will get one of these. Should I extend it to give more people a chance?

Personally I would accept those who have posted and let them have one. Good luck to them.


As today is the deadline originally set in place and the fact we had fewer responses than I hoped, I am calling this as finished. There were a total of seven individuals that participated (others were not interested).

Congratulations to the following people! Please send me a PM with your postal address and I will dispatch these this week. I will leave the other part of the contest up to @Gressak to determine the winners.

Thanks everyone for sharing about your past year and/or hopes for this upcoming year. Here’s to wishing you peace, health, and good fishing.


There are two of these that remain as there were only 7 participants. The first two people (who were not winners here) that send me a PM with the name and postal address will get the last two!