10 Ways to say - Thank You in Japanese

From casual to formal to very formal. Or to fit unique situations. :thinking:



英語対訳で読む日本の文化 :wink:

Japanese culture read in English translation

A few fun links from the 英語対訳で読む日本の文化 , Japanese Culture Reading in English Translation Website





If I recall correctly Todoroki-san wrote that he also collects Jade on the beach in the spring. As done near the fishing village of Kaga.


I think this story about Peaches may account for the folklore story Momotarō [桃太郎] The Peach Boy.


Tea culture. The idea of taking the best tea and making it better is perhaps an idea applied to the wider culture.

All of the above were found in the Essay folder:


David, again thank you for helping and sharing with us. I did buy the books you suggested to me in learning Japanese. I have a long way to go but the joy is in the journey.

Cool. What works well for one person may not for another. I hope those books work well for you too. But it is difficult language to learn, and many meanings will be elusive without a deeper understanding of Japanese culture.


I have found a lot of interesting information on the WIL, What I’ve Learned, YouTube channel.

Especially information about diet and nutrition and how hormones like insulin, ghrelin and leptin, etc respond to the stuff we eat. Or more importantly what we should or shouldn’t be eating or eating less of or more of to avoid IR Insulin Resistance, T2DM, T3DM, MIRS and the many chronic diseases driven by IR such as NAFLD, CHD, etc. Mostly forget about your LDL level, be concerned more with the ratios: trig/HDL and total/HDL. His videos are usually short and informative. And I suspect mostly accurate information.

This video is one of his more recent post. Sept 2018. Maybe not one I would rate as one of his better ones. But it is about methods to use for learning a second language. Oh, and the author has lived in Japan since 2010. fwiw.

How to Learn a Language: INPUT (Why most methods don’t work)

Check out the other videos on the What I’ve Learned YouTube Channel at the link below:

WIL What I’ve Learned Youtube channel

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