1986 Sebata Yūzō book

Over time I’ve discovered and often seen 3 books written by Sebata Yūzō-san (瀬畑 雄三). Such as:
新編 渓語り―険谷幽渓でのテンカラ釣り秘話,
渓流釣り入門, and
渓のおきな一代記 単行本 – 2010/10/22
[New River Stories (talks) - Secret story of Tenkara fishing in the Headwaters Area
Introduction to mountain stream fishing (my favorite )
River Okina biography book - 2010/10/22

And have seen his other books about wild mushrooms, or mountain greens.

This evening I discovered an older book that I don’t recall seeing before:
[ ? River (Valley) Stories - secret story of headwaters kebari fishing ? ]

River Valley Stories_SebataYuzo

(ZEST BOOKS) Tankyama (- 1986/12
Sebata Yūzō (Author)

Paperback: 222 pages
Publisher: Fuyuki Co., Ltd. (1986/12)
Language: Japanese
ISBN-10: 4809260089
ISBN-13: 978-4809260087
Release date: 1986/12

An intriguing book. A few copies are available on Amazon JP. or found on auction websites.
No present plans to order this one. I already have copies of the more recently published books.
I just found it interesting that out of the blue I discovered this book. However, who knows, maybe I’ve seen it before, but just didn’t recognize what it is.

Love the pictures on the front cover. Couldn’t find any pictures of inside pages, Should only be a couple of bucks, 284 jpy. Plus shipping.


Or $20.36 with shipping from Amazon US.


Sorry about the long URLs , guess I need to learn how to make shorter ones. :frowning:



This may help.


Yeah, I probably should use tinyurl. I haven’t used it for a long time because it doesn’t give you clue where the link really take you. And a coupe of times I clicked on tinyurl links provided by people who I couldn’t be sure I could trust, but I had no reason to distrust them, and it ended up taking me for a virtual visit to a place I’d rather not seen. But a link with an alias name would make a much neater looking post. D

Sebata Yuzo book on Amazon USA

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