2017 Annual Fishing Show #japan #fishingshow

For anyone in Japan or those who wish to go to Japan soon (as in this weekend), following are the links to the Japanese annual Fishing Show put on by the Japan Fishing Tackle Manufacturers Association. The event will be in Kanagawa at the Pacifico Yokohama Exhibition Hall. The site is mostly in Japanese, but at the top right corner of their page is a link to English as well.


There is the Fishing Show Osaka 2017 on 3 - 5 February 2017 as well.

Can’t wait to see what is released at both shows!

Dr. Ishigaki’s take on the Fishing Show:


These are the main points I found in Dr. Ishigaki’s blog post, some seem contradictory, but maybe I messed up the translation :

Although (I) looked around at each companies Tenkara poles
There seemed to be no new products.

Many companies are interested in Tenkara boom.
[he also expressed a desire for the companies to commit to a Tenkara Corner, where all companies’ tenkara products could be seen in one place for increased visibility]

Next to the Fujino booth.
Improved straight lines are on display.
From the line that was released in March last year,
It has improved thickened line coating.
[ which he comments the line now curls off the spool, but easily straightens]

“Mountain stream (magazine) 2017 spring issue” was released from Tsuribitosha
About 80% of articles are related to Tenkara
Mostly head waters fishing . .
Contents are rich in variety, such as a double hand tenkara of 7 to 8 meters

The Yoshidakebari report:


Japan Fishing Show 2017
~ Masters’ Kebari Set ~


Here’s a Tenkara Challenge - Who can read the names of the 4 Tenkara Masters’ names on the box of kebari (or on the label just above the box)?
[ok, it’s not really a challenge for our Japanese friends on the forum]

Oh, as an FYI, this is something I only realized a couple of weeks ago.
I frequently look at the above blog. But I just realized I wasn’t always looking at that blog.
Sometimes I was looking at a different blog, that at a quick glance, not paying attention to the name or the URL.

It is a different blog that looks the same with quick casual look. This one;


Both are fun blogs to check out once in a while.

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The 2018 Yokohama Fishing Show is this weekend.
2018 Yokohama Fishing Show

The 2018 Osaka Fishing Show is the weekend of Feb 3d & 4th.
2018 Osaka Fishing Show

I wonder if there will be anything tenkara related announced at the shows this year?

The only thing I’ve seen a hint about is a new Fujino line being tested in post on the Yoshidakebari blog a few weeks ago.

Shimano has already released their Pack rod, and Tsuribito the Dr. Ishigaki New Tenkara Techniques DVD. That leaves a possibility of the other manufacturers to present something new.

Not that I need anything new. I just need to become more skillful using what I have.
But as the old saying goes, If something is not growing it is dying. I’d expect a few of the bloggers in Japan will post something in a few days.

フィッシングショー横浜(1), Fishing Show Yokohama (1)

横浜ジャパンフィッシングショー2018 ~テンカラは熱かった会場も熱かった~
Yokohama Japan Fishing Show 2018 - Tenkara was hot The venue was also hot ~

ジャパンフィッシングショー2018, Japan Fishing Show 2018



(Announcement of an unexpected new tenkara rod !!)

Wow, and Tenkara BB kit straight line and kebari for beginners in the set,
For Flyman to play tenkara - Maystone NW (3.6 M and 3.3 M) was created and announced!
Shimano also keeps a keen interest in Tenkara !!

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The most interesting item on the above web page is the 2018 Spring issue of Mountain Stream magazine - 渓流2018春 (別冊つり人Vol.460)

Page 148 アメリカのテンカラ事情レポート◎石垣尚男
[ American Tenkara situation report ◎ Hisao Ishigaki]

Tsuribito Keiryū 2018 Spring (bessatsu tsurijin Vol. 460)

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