2020 tenkara plans



Means nothing.

I did buy a old VW bus. I’ll do more camping, upping my game there, in the field. Fat tire bike easier to take.

Wait, there is a plan after all. More camping, explore farther away streams with the bike.

Probably not a plan though. Just what I do.



I need to finish fixing the house up so that I can put it on the market by March 2021. This place is way too big for two old people to live in. I also want to make a lot more trips to the mountains in the late spring. Hopefully, I will rent the log cabin near Grayson Highlands again and trout fish for a week. The Grayson Highlands area is an amazing place for hiking, fishing, camping, rock climbing, photography, horseback riding, etc…The past 2 years I could not make the trip during the summer.
I almost forgot, babysitting my two grandsons and taking them out to fish (this is the most important item).
I hope everyone has a great year in 2020.


The right type of priority for sure.

I’m not going anywhere, I’m a tenkara fisherman with a specialty in fly fishing…

You take care my friend.

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Great. A lot of grandkid watching here. We also watch a pair two days a week. The older of the 2 turns 6 this spring and I have a tenkara set up ready to go for her. I know a spot with suicidal brookies that will be awesome. They have been a real treat in our lives.


Thank you so much, Adam.

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That sounds awesome. Children and grandchildren are such a joy.