2020 Tenkara Wisconsin Campout

The 2020 Tenkara Wisconsin Campout has been set for May 14-19. This year the main campground will be Sidie Hollow County Park in Vernon County, Wisc. Three campsites have been reserved. # 36, 37 and 38. They are right across from the showers and have plenty of room for a bunch of tents. If you wish to make your own reservations make them sooner rather than later. On Thursday night Zoan and I will be grilling steaks for all early attendees. On Saturday Luong Tam will be hosting a Tanuki Boot Camp. There will be coffee and breakfast available at camp headquarters, site #36. We will have a bonfire every night. There is more info available on the Tenkara Wisconsin FB page. You can also PM me for more info. I will update this page as more info becomes available.


I hope you guys have a blast!

Thanks, Adam.

Maybe, just maybe I can make it up there one time to warm myself by that fire after a long day of fishing with like minds and new friends.

Adam, you would always be welcome.

David Noll, Thanks for posting about the campout on these pages.

The Wisconsin Tenkara Campout has been moved from May 2020 and rescheduled for September 7-12 at Sidie Hollow County Park near Viroqua, Wisconsin. We have reserved sites 36-38 which are adjacent to the restrooms and showers.

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What is the nearest airport?

What is the agenda?

It’s a long way but I want to attend one time…

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The nearest airport is LaCrosse, Wisc. The other option is to fly into Minneapolis and rent a car and then you have a three hour drive. Not sure which way is cheaper. We have a steak fry Thursday night, eat in town Friday night and have a chicken fry Saturday. Also, we usually have communal breakfasts. This year there will be a Tanuki Boot Camp on Saturday. Zoan and I will be there the whole time and may even arrive early. There is usually up to date info on the Tenkara Wisconsin FB page. We would love to have you.

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Thank you for the response.

I would enjoy attending however, this year is not in the cards for me.

Perhaps in the future I can plan a flight in.

I’ve always wanted to fish the area and meet a few old Internet friends.

Good luck and have fun!

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Until we meet, take care and stay safe.

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I have some big backyard adventures planned in the near future and a return to Waimea in Kauai for headwaters trout. Beyond that my logbook is open for travel and Wisconsin is on the bucket list. I’ve read about the are since the nineties, conversed with and promoted fishing there quite a bit back then.

Lots of quality angling and anglers there.

I will not miss that opportunity.

Tenkara-fisher needs some entries from Wisconsin.

Perhaps write a story about it from this years meet? I would enjoy promoting it. That would be cool.

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I’ve got a better idea. I’m not a good writer like you so after the campout let’s talk. I’ll give you a report over the phone and you can do the write up. :slight_smile:

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One note for anyone that may have interest, I’ve flown into Rochester Minnesota (RST) as well to attend the Midwest Tenkara Fest/Wisconsin Campout. Guess the Mayo Clinic is there and it has the need for an airport.

If you’re pricing out flights, it’s a nice option as well and a little closer to the area in Wisconsin than Minneapolis. Can also add a few more options to whatever LaCrosse’s schedules might be, or if you have an affinity to a specific carrier for mileage/perks. (either way you usually need to connect thru Chicago).

Oh, and the campout is a ton of fun too. Highly recommend it. :grinning:


The Fall Tenkara Wisconsin Campout has been canceled. Zoan and I will still be camping at site #36 in Sidie Hollow Park but there will be no group activities. I have canceled the reservations for sites 37 and 38.

That’s unfortunate but understandable. I hope you guys keep doing it; I’d love to make it out there one of these years.

We are planning on doing it next year Covid willing.