2022 Tenkara Bugout

I just got back from my first time at the Tenkara Bugout in Oregon. I met plenty of cool people and caught countless fish.

The natural scenery was great too.

The local history was interesting. A large lumber mill was the backbone of the local economy, but it burned down about 50 years ago. This antique covered bridge is a remnant of the mill’s supporting infrastructure.

And its not camping without a little whittling.

Many thanks to Jim for putting all this together and thank you to Luong for his presentation.


Hello, tell me how to cut a recess in a spoon? Also with this knife?

While the knife in the photo did most of the work, I did use a hook knife for much of the spoon’s bowl. I have used a regular knife to cut an entire spoon before but the bowl of the spoon always ends up messy. Here’s the full suite of tools I used: