245/206 Eso Zoom Review

I fish really small canopied, brushy streams with this rod and I really like it for those kinds of creeks. Understandably, we do not hear much about that kind of fishing on the Tenkara Fourms or about this rod. Here is a good rod review I came a cross by accident and it is well worth reading and viewing. K


Thanks for the link to the review, I love fishing water like that. It’s a blast catching tiny fish, I especially like chasing native cutthroats in tiny mountain streams which often require something in the 6’ range. Even 8’ is a bit too long for easy casting. The zoom feature of that rod is especially nice.

Jason did a review of the rod as well.

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Thank you Chris and Tom. It is a meet little rod but, as this review shows, it is capable of handling more than just little fish.

The ESO Zoom 245-206cm was the first T rod I bought in 2015. It was a great rod to use, I was using it for fixed line fly fishing for English freshwater species. Eventually it got sold as I moved on to other rods.
Unfortunately about two years ago I sold all my rods as I had health problems but now I am feeling a little better and able to fly fish again with a fixed line fly rod, although I have to sit down to do it.
I was pleased to see the ESO Zoom was 245-206cm was still being sold so I bought one again - it’s still as good as ever,
Definitely a ‘Good buy’.


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David, I am so sorry to hear of your health issues. I discovered Tenkara as my Neuropathy symptoms started kicking in and the fixed-line fishing has been a fishing life saver for me. Thank you for your great response. The people who think a short length T-rod can not be made that casts well, really need to try casting with a 206/245.

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