31 Fun Kebari on Masuyume Shop website

マス夢, (鱒 夢) masuyume , Trout Dreams.

これからフライフィッシングを始める方 応援します。
Fly Fishing Equipment
Mail order throughout the country
Welcome to trout dream
It supports people to start fly-fishing in the future .

Fun commercial website that has a thumbnail bio of Sebata, and 10 of his sakasa kebari, that can be zoomed for a closer look at how he ties them.


Interestingly is says that he uses these hooks, that are no longer produced and special ordered from Gamakatsu.

がまかつ社の管付山女魚針 Gamakatsu Co. kan-tsuki hooks.
管付, kan-tsuki translates as with tube or with pipe.
かんつき kantsuki translates as with a can or with kang.
I do not know what would be a more accurate translation, or what it means.
But I do remember that name coming up in a post on TFF a year or so back.
I can find other Gamakatsu hooks with the 管付 label, but not labeled Yamame hooks, except on old blog post.

And 21 kebari labeled as 和式毛鉤 Washiki kebari Japanese style kebari.
Some are expected patterns, others I mostly see only on old blog post.



I’ve never seen this website before. The first two flies at the top of the page on the second link, the ones tied with pheasant, look almost identical to some that I’ve tied. They work really well. They were some of my preferred flies last year.

It looks like a general kebari