4 meter rods

I didn’t want to take the Tenkara Video thread down a rabbit hole.

@tvdavisid I’m mildly surprised that you only have four at the 4 meter length.

Two questions for you:

  • What is your favorite rod length? Or do you not really have one because of the how you have such variable types of water where live?
  • Did you ever have a chance to try the Karasu 400 (I didn’t remember if you ever did)? If so, what did you think compared with the rods in your video?

Okay, so that’s four questions, disguised as two.

The 4 meter length is my favorite length, personally. I had the TB40 for a few years, but sold it. I have the Oni Type 1 and the Karasu 400 currently. As I write this, it occurs to me that of the four rods I currently own, three of them are 4m. I also have the Daiwa Sagiri 45MC, but that didn’t fit in your informal test.


I have some other 4 m rods. I have an Anglo & Company Wasabi 40, Gamakatsu Multiflex 40, AllFishingBuy Hirame ML-3909, and a Shimano Mainstream ZE. I also had a Sagiri 45MC in the past.

I prefer 360-380 cm rods generally. They have better swing weights and less air resistance than 4 m rods. But it mainly depends on what water I’m fishing. If it’s open, then I fish a 4 m rod. A lot of my water is not 4 m friendly.

I did review the Karasu 400. It’s a nice rod but it’s too heavy for my liking and I didn’t care for it’s rotational moment and swing weight. But that’s just me. There are plenty who really like the rod. I really like the Karasu 360.


Thanks, @tvdavisid.

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For what it’s worth, 30% of my rods are shorter, and 70% are longer ( with 4m being the cutoff).

I guess it means I like rivers that aren’t too brushy.


@tvdavisid On Friday I fished with my Karasu 400. After reading what you wrote and then fishing with the rod, I better appreciate your points about it.

I fished for about 90 minutes, starting with the butt of the rod somewhat resting in my palm. I fished that way for about 10 minutes then moved my hand up about one inch (2.5cm) and repeated that process during my time out. Not extremely scientific, but I was able to make some interesting observations.

I noticed there was a certain point with my hand on the handle, where the swing weight of the rod dramatically changed; it noticably got lighter.

For me, I noticed the proverbial sweet spot was about 8" (20cm) up from butt end of the rod, with my index finger either on the end of the foam handle or just touching the rod blank. The rod was noticeably easier to cast and I observed less strain on my forearm. Interestingly, this in essence made the rod a 380cm rod for me.

Yesterday, I took out my 360 for about 45 minutes of fishing to compare what it felt like. Regardless of where I hold the handle on the 360, it casts beautifully. It reminded me of why I like that rod so much.

Thanks for sharing what you wrote.


It’s amazing what a few inches will make. But it will save your forearm tendons from getting tendonitis as easily. Very nice observation!

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I tend to fish a rod around 450 most often, along with my Sawanabori 53 since I usually fish it one handed, because the additional length comes in handy for the water I fish mostly. I appreciate the lightness of the 390/400 rods, however.