A few Gems from East Sleep Fish

For the poets, a bit of English Haiku


Paul & John’s Excellent Adventure to the Japanese Alps

Ben Lupton’s variation on the UKB, Utah Killer Bug

If you’ve read Discover Tenkara’s Guide to Kebari selections, sometimes the color matters, and sometimes size matters. Here’s Kieth Passant’s opinion on size selection

The Fly Tidy - a cool portable tying desk. But, I’ve not found it available from a US supplier

It’s sometimes interesting to look at the Tenkara instruction posted by the various advocates a few years in the past, and ponder - what would they say today that is different from what they said then, or what opinions would remain the same? I know my understanding has changed, and today I would describe several things, about casting or technique, differently today. Here’s a few E-S-F post from Paul & John , The Discover Tenakra Guys

Casting and Fly Manipulation

The last pictured Kebari looks a lot like the one I posted about on the T-Fisher Forum, that I had found in a Keiryu Magazine article, written by Yoshida-san, an article about the kebari in a book written by a now deceased Tenkara master and author whose name I don’t now recall. The Japanese descriptive name for the kebari translated something like - Peacock Stop. Though I’m pretty sure that was an incorrect translation. What ever the case, I tied a couple of them, and the fish liked them well enough.

The One Fly approach, I think the opinion expressed here has changed a little today. I like the middle kebari, and have had success with similar kebari, sometimes tied in different colors.

A lot of the same History of Tenkara information that was on the Discover Tenkara website before it was hacked, and the information lost. I think. Or maybe it has survived on the new format

Getting Started with Tenkara, how would this advice change today? The basics the same, but maybe some of the rest would be explained a bit differently



The E-S-F Issue Archive Index Page - I have also posted this link in the On Line Resources Thread.


Great website

I totally agree. Great writing and often lots of fun articles; even if you don’t live in the UK.