A few rods for sale

I have been watching Marie Kondo’s show “Tidying Up” and have taken a long hard look at a lot of my possessions and which of them bring me joy. Over the years I have collected a lot of tenkara rods. All of them are in good condition and perfectly useable, but I just have too many to fully appreciate and utilize each one. So after much internal debate and waffling back and forth I have decided to send a few off to a new home where they might spark joy again for someone else.

Below is what I am selling. Prices include shipping in the USA.

Each rod comes with a rod tube (pictured with the rod) and a six (6) pack of Japanese flat spools (due to a translation mistake I ordered 100 instead of 10). I am throwing them in at no extra charge.

Zenmai $25
A few grams of Japanese zenmai. I have more than I can use and it has been sitting in my tying drawer (no spools though).

BT Classic $40
Used in good condition

Old school no longer in production. Big fish rod (think Carp or Pike).

Gamakatsu Ryokei 390 $360 new I used her once on a river in Izu Peninsula so, I am asking $200

Hit Wave $25
An old rod but in good condition 540cm long when extended. Comes with a removable grip sleeve. More of Keiryu rod. The rod case is $10 on Tenkara Bum so really you are paying $15 for the rod and getting spools too w/ shipping…

High Potential $25
Another old rod I found in a Japanese thrift store. Fished it a little, it is also in good condition.
The rod case is $10 on Tenkara Bum so really you are paying $15 for the rod and getting spools too w/ shipping…

TUSA Ito New $245 asking $105
There is one small flake in the paint that does not affect usability or durability.

Shoot me a message with any questions.


What is the extended length of High Potential? Thanks

Zenmai, Hit Wave
ready to buy

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Please remember to use private messages when making negotiations. General questions are fine as others may be wondering too, but please keep other negotiations — including your email address in a private message. It protects all of us. Thanks.


My apologies @Kelly_King for the delay in responding to your question. The length is 450cm

:grinning: Just saw your message. Will respond ASAP

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BT Wisco
High Potential
Hit Wave

Still available
TUSA Ito (price drop $75)
BT Classic



Still available
BT Classic

If this rod is still available, would you consider an offer of $150.00 without the Tbum tube which I neither need nor want?

Sorry, all the rods are sold…