A more minimal method of fishing than Tenkara

Anyone tried one of these yet?

I haven’t, but have seen it come up in ads a lot. They must spend some money on marketing. It looks interesting and would probably be fun on some alpine lakes and such. Would be tough if you got a large fish on to bring in I’d imagine since there’s no pole to help with the fight. I wonder how heavy the fly / lure needs to be in order to cast it. Probably fairly heavy in order to get it out far enough.

As a thing, as an object, I’ve thought about it. Made in the USA by a small company and it looks amazing? Yes, I’ll probably get one because I wouldn’t want to die not knowing what it’s like to catch a fish on that thing.

More practically speaking, it’s the same idea as the type of fishing kits that bushcraft types put together. Those guys catch lots of fish on their actually pocket sized pocket rigs.

Hahaha. It is just a hand line. There are all kinds of contraptions for that including this yoyo thing and even a soda/beer can. When I lived in big cities is is not uncommon to see a lot of people soda can fishing or hand lining.

Handlining is a skill as we all recognize but I suspect it might be difficult to present or manipulate a fly.

Look up handlining. Cuban Yoyo handlining, and soda can fishing.



The rod mostly is for maintaining contact and protecting the line/terminal tackle/leader if it is rated lower than the potential force on it. A lot of folk I see handlining, do so with stout lines. With a rod we are on the disadvantaged end of the lever, we actually exert more force to land a fish with a rod than if we were to handline. Most fish we target would be super easy to handline in as long as you have a heavy line.

This looks like what I used as a young boy on a old wooded boat fishing for saltwater fish. Since they didn’t trust me with a fishing rod I instead used a wooded dowel, twine, hooks, blood worms, and a weight. I still caught a lot of fish with that rig. This brings back some good memories fishing with my great grandparents and grandparents. Thanks Isaac for the trip down memory lane.


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