A new book about Master Yuzo Sebata is released

源流テンカラ釣りの知恵 (渓の翁、瀬畑雄三の遺言。)

Now I am reading this book. I will post comments later.


This book looks really awesome. Please give us a follow up on the book once you have finished it. :- )

Well, I’m amazed.
Tsuribito has put up a video that is not blocked from being viewable in the USA. Maybe with some luck they’ve also stopped blocking their other videos. Realizing they have customers here. However, it looks like maybe they’ve worked out some legal issue, The YT channel 株式会社つり人社。[Tsuribitosha CO., LTD.] might be a new YT channel, it only has a few videos listed [9], the oldest one posted only two weeks ago.

『源流テンカラ釣りの知恵』Genryū (head water) tenkara fishing wisdom
瀬畑雄三さんインタビュー Interview with Sebata Yūzō-san


Many thanks, Daniel.

作る“瀬畑ハウス”とは? What is and how to make “Sebata house”
[Another peak at what is in the book. However, I have seen the same pictures in previous publications]


web.tsuribito Sebata house - English Google translation