A new small stream rod is coming soon!


I remember your review of “a prototype” some nine months back or so - at the time I said it was exactly what I wanted - now that I know it’s coming, I’m happy and excited - and glad your testing and review are thorough, sounds like it’ll be perfect for some of my creeks here! Thanks for all your work on this, Tom!

Hi Tom. I’m really intrigued by this rod. I used to live and fish in the Ogden area, and I just yesterday moved to Pocatello. Getting closer to your neck of the woods! Like you, I’m passionate about fishing very small creeks. I bought the Zen Tenkara Suzume based off of your recommendations (even replacing the tip sections with the stiffer ones) and have found it to be a great small stream rod. How does this new Dragontail rod compare? Do you prefer it to the Suzume? Can the new Dragontail rod be completely disassembled? I know a gripe you had with the Suzume (and it’s one that I share) is that those lower couple of sections can’t be removed for cleaning.

Basically, which of the two rods do you prefer?

Hello Tom, the intimacy of little known and seldom fished small streams has made them a favorite of mine for western fly fishing since the early 1980s. Your blog has helped me very much as a novice Tenkara angler. I hope your upcoming absence will be an enjoyable one.

I have the same question about the TT Watershed 300Z. I like the rod a lot and was amazed that such a lightweight 11.5 - 12.5 penny rod could quickly turn and manage some good-sized fish in tight quarters.

It would be nice to see a blog post that might recap some of your reviews and a comparison of small stream rods you’ve given your “I really like this rod!” rating to.


I prefer the new Mizuchi over the Suzume, and over my tip modified Suzume as well. They cast pretty similarly (the modified Suzume) at the 240 cm length, but I feel the Mizuchi casts better at the 290 and 340 cm lengths than the Suzume. I like the Mizuchi handle shape better as well. And as I said in my review, the Mizuchi can be completely disassembled.




I like the TT Watershed 300Z as well, but it’s too soft to turn and control many of the larger trout in my small, tight, high gradient waters. I use it on certain creeks where there are only brook trout up to 6-7 inches. It’s a fun rod for sure. I think it’s overlooked by too many anglers.



I apologize for the crummy focus but yesterday I landed this fish; my second one of that size of the day in a small creek. This one was a chunk. It came up from a hole to grab the fly in a very fast run under a maple tree with leaves hanging to within 4 feet of the water as I was moving downstream with my fly in the water ahead of me.

I was lucky it securely hooked itself; having to strike hard and fast in that current to get a meal. I had to fight it laterally until I could back out about 15 feet from under the branches to be able to raise the rod and get its head up. All I can say is, Wow!

What a kick it must be to go mano e mano with a fish in a small creek that the TT Watershed 300 can’t handle!