A sad first post

The Tenkara community has suffered a great loss.

My good friend of over ten years D Walker has passed away.

He was is and will always be my friend.

I felt this most favored community of D’s must know.

We talked for many years. He was always a positive influence and shared intelligent
thoughts and great moral reasoning. Definitely changed me for the better knowing D!


@adventureR This is truly sad news. David’s anecdotes, research and friendliness will be surely missed.

I never had the pleasure of meeting him in person but had hoped I would. We communicated regularly, though I’d not heard much from him in the past 6-9 months. He was my co-moderator on this forum and helped out a great deal. He was always generous with whatever he had, especially his time. He was certainly the most prolific member of the forum and will be missed.

I’m really sorry to hear that. I always enjoyed his comments.

That is a great loss. I had the pleasure of meeting him at the Tenkara Summit that was held in Virginia one year. What a gentleman. I will miss him.

I am so sorry to hear this news. This is a huge loss to the community and to each one of us. David was a such a wealth and so generous in sharing his knowlege and research with us. He was the type of guy I had always hoped I would have the chance to share the river with some day.

Very sad to hear this. He was an encourager for me and helped me become more a knowledgeable angler. I will truly miss his research and explanations of Japanese writings. May his family and all who hold him dear be comforted in their grieving.

A bit stunned here. We certainly never met face to face, but as others above had said, I too truly enjoyed his anecdotes and his research. This place isn’t going to be quite the same without him.

My condolences go out to all his friends and family.

That’s very sad. Condolences.

No words right now. Never met in person but always appreciated and enjoyed his post. Prayers for his friends and family.

Приношу мои соболезнования родным и друзьям.
I offer my condolences to my family and friends. Our communication began with this film. David’s interests were multifaceted. He was interested in tanks, he studied the history of the Second World War. he collected a collection of compasses. December 19 is his birthday. He was a great conversationalist.

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It’s sad to loss a friend. Our tenkara community will miss him.
Fish on peace David…

A link to share feelings and condolences w/ D’s family. I’m not sure they knew the depth of his Tenkara community involvement and contributions.

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I am truly sorry and impressed by this loss, he was one of the first I spoke to on this site and he was very nice to me.
They say that in the skies there are beautiful streams, I can already see him pulling out wonderful trout.
Hi David, God bless you!

It appears that David passed away at his camp in West Virginia. It was a place he loved dearly and spoke of often. It was his special place.

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Yes, his favorite place to be.
Many good stories were told of the Pocahontas county home.
I grew up about fifty miles away from there. A magical place.
It’s no wonder he connected with so many of us living and appreciating nature being from where he was.

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I couldn’t believe it and so sorry to hear that.南無阿弥陀南無阿弥陀デイビットさん、

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David was a walking encyclopedia of knowledge and was a great help in guiding us in tenkara. What a great loss to the tenkara community and his friends/family.

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Always personable, inquisitive, and knowledgeable. David will be missed greatly.
Very sad and unexpected news.

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What a great loss for all of us! Like many, I never met David, but I consider him a friend. We have had many conversations over the years. He will me greatly missed! My heart felt condolences to his family.

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Thank you @adventureR for letting us know this extremely sad news. I never got to meet him in person but he was always extremely helpful to me personally over the years with various DIY projects I attempted by providing me with valuable insight from Japanese sites. I first met him on the TUSA forum. He will be greatly missed.

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