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As of May 23, 2024 I now own a NEW Suntech Kurenai GM H30R rod. HERE IS HOW: The purchase was made on-line via JANBOX.COM . Create your shopping account, then type in the item as a search: “Suntech Kurenaii GM H30R” . Rakuten appears left side of the search bar. The item appears photo, description and its listed price in Japanese Yen or US Dollars ( you select currency type) . EZBUY is a proxy seller and facilitates the international buyer (me ) in finalizing a purchase and you pay. Wait 1-2 working days, given the warehouse has your item you will receive an email invoice. Now you select a international shipper i.e. EMS, DHLJP, FEDex. and pay the additional shipping and EZBUY will facilitate the final transfer of your rod to your doorstep. Suntech no longer offers the Suntech Kurenai GM HM 30 R . I acquired a Suntech Kurenai GM H 30 R. Product Description quote: “Using high-elastic carbon, it appears as a fly rod that is lighter, sharper, and more complete. There are two types of tones: HM, which is a medium-hard type, and H, which is a hard type.” (I will add the photos of my Suntech Kurenai GM H 30 R to my reply once I figure out how to add it on here.)