Advantages Of Low Tip/Side Pressure

This is an Orvis video covering hook setting and fighting fish, so the tackle is not tenkara but the principles remain the same, with a scale readout on Tip Up VS Side Pressure fish fighting techniques. Of particular interest to T-anglers is how the fish can be directed so you can easily reach out and grab your line to hand line in the fish, which is very difficult to do with a T-rod in the Tip Up position.

ORVIS - Fly Fishing Lessons - YouTube

And here is a more tenkara specific video demonstrating Tenkara Side Pressure Technique:


Thanks Karl. I’ve been using a low (parallel to the ground) rod position when fighting fish for awhile, especially with larger fish. I’ve watched competitive fishermen (euro style with long/light western rods) use that technique on moving water…set the hook downstream, then rotate the rod to point upstream. That generally results in the fish fighting the upstream current while also fighting the side pressure from the rod. An added benefit is that when the fish starts to tire, you can work it around to an upstream position which makes it easier to net or hand line the fish. Discover Tenkara discusses that technique for fighting large fish with Kabayashi-san.

In stillwater, it’s the repeated semi circle routine in order to tire large or strong fish like carp (I believe tenkara guides talk about this).

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Thank you for your response, Kris. Your in put is very accurate and helpful…Karl.

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Karl, that is one of the articles I learned from as well.