Advice on fishing the lower provo river

im going to be in eagle mountain 10/24 to 10/29.

is accessing the provo river at the public parks a decent plan?

ive read that the fish can be bigger sized. will my mizuchi work or should i bring the hydra? i also have a zx450.

anyone wanna fish one day that week?

any recommendations?


Yeah it should be good during that time. Send me a dm and I can give you more specifics.

The Lower always seems like a reliable bet if you want to catch better fish with bigger fixed line rods in the fall; but I wouldn’t overlook the American Fork or other small local creeks if you prefer more traditional Tenkara.

Send me a dm if you have any questions; I will more than likely fish at least a few days that week…


met up with harry today. he showed me a couple of sweet spots on the american fork river. had a great time with harry and his son, caught some nice fish and enjoyed some beautiful views.
thanks harry!


What a beautiful place to fish. That is a good looking brown trout.

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