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I am looking to purchase a few things on Amazon Japan… Is there a way to have it shipped to the USA? I seem to remember reading something about how to do this a few years ago but cannot find it now. Anyone know how to do this?

I order on Amazon JP and ship to Russia. I think for America it is done the same way.

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I’ve not used these services, other than when I ordered items from jshoppers website a few years back, they automatically used Tenso to ship the items I ordered to me, so I did not get involved creating a Tenso account myself. Maybe you can check it out and see if it works for what you want to do.

A video tutorial, using an example of ordering an item from Disney. Uploaded March 30, 2017, so maybe more up to date on how it works.

I don’t know anything about this one - other than it was recommended in the comments to the above video.

This video is maybe out of date, uploaded April 21, 2009. ( it is the same video embedded in the top link.)
But maybe the process is still the same and is still valid.

You might want to open the two videos in another tab and read the comments to find additional information / recommendations. Buyee and Rakuten were recommended as sites friendly for shipping to the USA, for example.

Chris Lynch - has experience ordering from, he mentioned ordering micro spoons from them in the thread “TenkaraBum fly rod spoons” - maybe see if you can contact Chris Lynch for his advice.

Maybe this will be of some help.

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I use, it is very convenient. You need to register, get a Japanese address and point it to Amazon. All goods will arrive there, they will be collected in one package and sent to you.

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bro, Isaac, it’s easy.

Amazon will not ship all items to USA. You need to use the filters to drill down so that you are only viewing items sold BY, and you can usually also filter by “global shipping available” or something like that.

Lots of Nissin and Daiwa rods can be shipped to the US. Some Suntech.
A lot of the “small parts” for tenkara (lines, flies, accessories) are sold by N-Vision through, and N-Vision doesn’t ship to the US. Sucks, but whatever.

On rods, shipping is usually <$10. If it’s a “longer” collapsed rod, things go up very quickly. Nissin Air Stage seiryu rods are only like 1" longer than usual, but are 2-3 times the normal shipping from my experience. wtf?
Kyogi can’t be shipped to US because they are xbox huge.

I’ve found that for lines, flies, spools, it’s much easier to just buy them domestically, from Chris, Brent, or Matt (Tbum, Dragontail, Badger), in no particular order. I have in some situations still bought rods domestically, example my Seiryu-X 35 was quicker and easier to get from Chris when it was first announced, vs from Japan as it seemed none were in stock anywhere.

Tenso has been a mixed bag for me. The website has an atrocious layout, and the service can get expensive fast, so be careful. If there is something that you found on or otherwise, and there’s NO other way to get it from Japan, I would use Tenso as a last resort.

Keiichi will bend over backwards for us, he is a gift. He’s helped me several times with finding things I needed.


Thank you @Chris_Lynch @dwalker @Vladimir I had no idea Amazon JP shipped Stateside. That is pretty cool. Got a few things being delivered by DHL day after tomorrow.

I did not know that Matt or Brent could get stuff though. Thank you for the heads up on that. You’re right @Chris_Lynch it was much easier to go through the folks back home. Tbum has some stuff on order for me, although I suspect the New Years will delay things a bit.

I looked into Tenso a bit but was slightly overwhelmed by how daunting it could be. Thanks for the videos @dwalker That will make it a lot easier.

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I am glad that it helped you, I have been using the Tenso address for almost a year now. It is very convenient, they know their stuff, all the packages have reached me.

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