An interesting COVID-19 Global Map

They say antibodies do not last… I’ve heard 3-4 weeks and that’s it.

I can get it again.

I would not wish this on anyone.

Do all you can to not get it.

It can kill you.

After you get sick, then get better, immediate tests are not reliable as you are shedding the dead virus. The current tests can not differentiate between alive and dead virus.

Stool samples are better indicator (gross)

Vitamin C (liposomal), D and Zink are what I’m taking now.

I did not lose taste or smell. I lost a lot of weight 16lbs, but Kraft Macaroni still tastes so good. So do Chips Ahoy and milk.


Wow Vladimir, sure hope you recover quickly, and completely.

I had not heard of the loss of sense of smell as a symptom of having this illness until I read your post mentioning it. However, later in the day while running errands I heard the loss of sense of smell as a symptom of being infected mentioned during a radio report.

The good news, according to the below report. Is for most people the sense of smell may be suddenly lost, but also often quickly returns, within a week or two.

But for some people it may return more slowly, due to their own immune system’s response causing adjacent tissue damage. And likely not due to the virus itself causing destruction of the olfactory neurons. [ " the ACE2 proteins the virus needs to invade the cells were not found on the olfactory neurons. But they were found on cells called “sustentacular cells”, which support the olfactory neurons." ] The cause of the loss of smell with this illness is different from how the loss of smell occurs with other types of viral infection.

Two additional things:
One report states sudden lost of smell may be associated with, an indicator of, less severe, milder, course of the infection.
Loss of sense of smell maybe a better indicator of infection than body temperature, fever, checks. Some places, airports, or other events with large numbers of people, where they are screening people to be permitted in if they don’t show elevated temperature. A smell test may be better. More effective.


Hi David, I feel great. Our doctors lost my test on July 11th and made two more tests. I hope they will not be lost, but I continue to sit and wait for the results. The sense of smell sometimes appears slightly, but has not yet recovered.


Smell is gradually recovering. Doctors found my test on July 11th! It is negative. There are no answers yet for July 15 and 16. I’m waiting. All health and good!


I know you are relieved and happy Vladimir. I am happy for you!

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  • [Published: 22 July 2020]

COVID-19 management in light of the circadian clock

“Based on our current knowledge of the crosstalk between the circadian clocks and viral infections, it is apparent that we are more vulnerable to certain respiratory viruses during the early morning. We now need to determine empirically whether COVID-19 is also more severe at certain times of the day. If so, an infection during that specific time of the day might spread faster and affect our immune system more severely than at other times. Emerging evidence suggests that people with a disrupted circadian clock owing to old age, working night shifts, jet lag or irregular sleeping and eating habits have a less vigorous immune system and thereby could be more susceptible to such viral respiratory diseases…”

Maybe or maybe not true. This article caught my attention because over the past couple of years I’ve read a book or two and online stuff about how not living; active, sleeping, times of meals, etc, in sync with our circadian clock can cause various health problems.

For example before I always thought it didn’t matter when you ate your meals or how much. The same number of calories consumed (not junk food) would have the same effects. But it’s claimed that our bodies are geared up to digest food during the daytime, and eating late in the evening can cause problems with insulin resistance, and weight, etc. along with other body chemistry problems not favorable for good health.

It all kind of f made sense, and I thought I really ought to get my daily activities in sync with this ancient biological clock. But no longer being tied to a work schedule. I’ve not made any progress at it. The timing of my daily activities are pretty random.

I blame Thomas Edison for inventing the light bulb, and Nikola Tesla for creating the theory and hardware for a.c. power transmission to power the light bulb, that enabled / encouraged the first major break away from living by the rhythm of our circadian clock. :thinking: :bulb: :clock2:

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I am overjoyed that you are back from the brink Adam.

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Dude, I’ve never been so sick.

One night, I thought to myself before I went to sleep, “I don’t want to wake up, I want this over, I just want to die in my sleep.”

Wasn’t time.

Now I am nearly 100% back and feeling OUTSTANDING!

Negative tests (multiple) and positive for antibodies.

Now I’m afraid again as I promised to give blood to help others…


God has a plan for you brother.

I understand your fear of giving blood. I hate needles. My buddies in the Corps used to take bets on how long it would take for me to pass out during our annual shot-athons :laughing:


@anon86692127 Adam I’m so sorry you had to go through this ordeal. I am still seeing a lot of people not taking this very seriously. I attended my Uncle Richard’s funeral recently and half of the people did not wear masks. What the Heck!!! It was my understanding that all people had to wear a mask inside a public building. I felt this was very disrespectful to the older people attending the funeral. The main thing is that you fell better and are ready to get back in the saddle and lasso some trout.

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It was heavy but I’m just about 100% back to normal.

I want to put it behind me now.

But, I understand your concern and I appreciate you.

I would not wish COVID-19 on anyone.


It can kill you.

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